By bruised - 13/03/2013 21:06 - Canada - Fredericton

Today, I went to the movies with my boyfriend. The movie was in 3D, and he couldn't help but notice it would be much cooler if you could feel what the characters did. He spent the next two hours slapping me every time the person in the movie did, claiming the movie would be "better". FML
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Catch him watching **** and go up and slap his dick as hard as you can and say you were "trying to make it better"


An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.. And what he's doing is legally assault or abuse.. Take your pick..

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It's not eye for an eye; he should also get to experience the movie in full. :P

But if they both lose an eye how will they see the movie in 3D?

An eye for a eye doesn't work out there will be one person on earth with one eye.

They have something like this, just much less abusive...It's called 4D.

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It appears OP's boyfriend's thinking is very one dimensional.

Hopefully the movie wasn't the three stooges

I was going to comment on 2's photo, but her name beat me to it...

Catch him watching **** and go up and slap his dick as hard as you can and say you were "trying to make it better"

I think that would pleasure him more rather than getting him back for slapping her.

Slap his balls instead. Not too hard though, don't want to incapacitate him.

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4d is so last year. 5d is where its at.

*directioner enters room* OMGGGG NO IT'S ALL ABOUT 1D AHAHHAEJCJSOWLRDJSJAJWJJW ****** DJIEIDFJSKJW XOXO!!!!!1!!!1!1!!!!!xxx

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You might want to reconsider staying with him.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure thats abuse regardless of his reason. I say leave him. He should respect you, not hit you to "make it seem more real."

He was probably play slapping her... Sometimes I like to annoy my god from time to time. She is cute when she is mad. That's not abuse at all. She does it to me too. You guys need to reconsider what being in a relationship means.

You slap your god to annoy her? There's a plague a-coming, and it's gonna be ALL YOUR FAULT!

#40, the username is "bruised." I don't see how playful slapping can make her bruised unless she bruises easily

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The first time it happened I can understand that you were caught by surprise. But you allowed yourself to be smacked for TWO HOURS??

Yeah, I'm wondering if she actually sat through this without doing something.

How often does someone get slapped in a movie

Op probably doesn't have ninja reflexes

35 - The Three Stooges. Do I really need to say more? Lol

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Sounds like a wonderful person! I'd leave.

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4D is great when it's ACTUALLY 4D. If he thinks it is okay to hit you, he probably wouldn't mind if you hit him back.

Ignorance. Ignorance everywhere. 4D is black and white moving objects(3D).

Technically, in science, 4-D actually does not exist since it is not possible for an object to have more than three dimensions (1-D: a dot; 2-D: a line or shapes; 3-D: cubes ,spheres, etc.).