By nanuka_g / Saturday 27 November 2010 05:41 / United States
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  Jg2020  |  0

well basically if it was Harry potter then you knew the ending already. or you didn't read the book which means you shouldn't even be seeing the movie.

  Bees_fml  |  0

Obviously he didn't know they were giving the ending away, until it was too late. I've seen movie previews that have done that, and then I went and saw the movie, not realizing the ending was what I already saw in the preview. Very aggravating.

  Mikki4321  |  0

There's a difference between just giving away a little bit, or ruining a complete movie by telling how it ends. I don't mind the first part, but I hate people who do the last thing.

  Kua_Mei  |  0

Why would s/he need to be a time traveler to stand up, walk to another part of the theater, and sit down? It's not like it's assigned seating or something.

  Matt_192  |  6

I agree... I had a friend who would watch a movie, come back during the next showing, and ruin the movie by saying what was gonna happen next. lol