By nanuka_g - United States
Today, I went to the movies. Two teenagers behind me had already seen the picture once and shared the entire plot with their friend during first 10 minutes. The finale was intended to be a great twist and I knew it from the very beginning. FML
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  Jg2020  |  0

well basically if it was Harry potter then you knew the ending already. or you didn't read the book which means you shouldn't even be seeing the movie.

  Bees_fml  |  0

Obviously he didn't know they were giving the ending away, until it was too late. I've seen movie previews that have done that, and then I went and saw the movie, not realizing the ending was what I already saw in the preview. Very aggravating.

  Mikki4321  |  0

There's a difference between just giving away a little bit, or ruining a complete movie by telling how it ends. I don't mind the first part, but I hate people who do the last thing.

  Kua_Mei  |  0

Why would s/he need to be a time traveler to stand up, walk to another part of the theater, and sit down? It's not like it's assigned seating or something.

  Matt_192  |  6

I agree... I had a friend who would watch a movie, come back during the next showing, and ruin the movie by saying what was gonna happen next. lol