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LOL. WoW. It's amazing how much peoples opinions change. Let's see to anwser a few remarks. No I didnt get fired, the car is getting fixed and paid for so the customer pays nothing, and when I told him he asked me to have them touch up all the other spots while they had the paint mixed. The snow bank was only a few inches so it wasnt like I was trying to drive up a mountain with an M5 and telling him that I did it was the respectful thing to do, thanks. That's part of my job is moving cars around and when it snows shit happens! That's what insurance is for....
By sacredsilence29 - / Tuesday 16 February 2010 21:16 / United States
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I loved to hear the conversation with the owner.
Worker: I crashed your car
Car Owner: WTF is your problem bitch!
Worker: That'll be $1000 sir.

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