By sacredsilence29 - 16/02/2010 21:16 - United States

Today, I was pulling a car out of the shop where I work, when I tried to go over a small snow bank to park it. What I didn't realize was the snow had turned into solid ice, and it broke the front bumper cover. It's going to cost $1000 to fix it and I also had to call the owner. FML
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sacredsilence29 tells us more.

LOL. WoW. It's amazing how much peoples opinions change. Let's see to anwser a few remarks. No I didnt get fired, the car is getting fixed and paid for so the customer pays nothing, and when I told him he asked me to have them touch up all the other spots while they had the paint mixed. The snow bank was only a few inches so it wasnt like I was trying to drive up a mountain with an M5 and telling him that I did it was the respectful thing to do, thanks. That's part of my job is moving cars around and when it snows shit happens! That's what insurance is for....

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Now we wait for the sexist remarks..

Don't drive over snow banks.


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I'm pregnant

what are you? a car theif? mechanic? valet?

It's times like this when I really love the fact that I live in Texas...

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Texas summers make me glad to be in ny

ydi for assuming dumbass

I loved to hear the conversation with the owner. Worker: I crashed your car Car Owner: WTF is your problem bitch! Worker: That'll be $1000 sir.

lol ya it would be fuckin hilarious

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what does ydi mean????

it means "You Deserve It."

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ooh I live in va too!<3

what's op mean

op- original poster

omg congrats!

what does omg mean?

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thanks mooshibear :)

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oh my god you're an idiot!

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I dont understand how/why you were backing out someone else's car.

OMG= Ovulating Midget Gerbils.

he was at work, icall_bs. you, sir, are a noobnut beyond belief.

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What's a noobnut?


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I'm gonna say mechanic because I don't know any female car thiefs and one probably wouldn't type on fml

ydi for trying to jump snow banks in customers' cars

it says "shop" as in "car shop" like mechanic.

what does rofl mean?

Otrain 5

that sucks !

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Kid cudi ftw^

haha yesssssss his man on the moon is amazing:D

Otrain 5

haha yea cudi is the best!

I don't get it....

Man on the Moon is Kid Cudi's album.

Yeh dogma, I didn't laugh. I'm confused

Wtf lmao I didn't post to this?

DogmaT_fml 4

my name is dogmat. lol

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Dogmat is what kind of name?

^shut the fuck up

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yungjct is what kind of name?

yungjct 0

Damn chill out I meant what origin, or what nationality. Not trying to fight.

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lol haha that sucks

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dude go to pick and pull! wait, is the car new or old?

DogmaT_fml 4

be like "hey i found you front bumper on the ground". wait pulling a car, so it wasnt your car? are you a valet?

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next time, try stepping on the 'snow' before going over it.... ^_^

purplemnm 9

female mechanic :D do you have a mullet and wear flannel shirts and wifebeaters?

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and a mustache ?

quite the ignorant comment to say the least though I know she was kidding... OP probably works for a family business or somtn.

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Are you butch? You look butch.

purplemnm 9

me??? no...:/

Don't drive over snow banks.

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Now we wait for the sexist remarks..

DogmaT_fml 4

i bet she was asian too

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LOL yeah cus when people confirm stereotypes its always fun :)

DogmaT_fml 4

sorry fml i was joking...

Because we all know it is gonna happen

uhoh, it's the Feminazis!

DogmaT_fml 4

the asian femanazis

I should be capitalized.

DogmaT_fml 4

Its the Asian Femagrammanazis! I'm so startled!

Release the rednecks!

demoon, that was the second comment ever that made me laugh. You deserve a cookie.

Lol. What flavor is the cookie?

Ones with crunchy peanut butter and chocolate chips in them. The best kind.

no demoon! it's a snickerdoodle!

Nitsuaaa 6

A woman. Surprise surprise.