By TLJ321 - 18/05/2012 07:41

Today, I tried to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. I ended up vomiting chunks of burgers, all while bleeding from the nose and suffering throbbing testicles. I then had to clean it all up. FML
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Why would you add cinnamon? It's a spoonful of SUGAR that makes it go down. A spoonful of cinnamon brings it up.

Ah... The cinnamon challenge. I feel you bro


Why would you add cinnamon? It's a spoonful of SUGAR that makes it go down. A spoonful of cinnamon brings it up.

Cinnamon challenge. Look up shoenice22 on YouTube. He eats an entire bottle of it.

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Man I won 50 buck with the cinnamon challenge cause ppl thought it was impossible

OP I think you were doing it wrong if it hurt your testicles, that didn't happen me when I did it xD

My friend did it with braces twice in a row haha. Didn't even cough. Have it all on video

Maybe some other stuff happened to him while he was doing it, like a quick nut tap and a punch in the stomach... But nobody is THAT mean right?

He might be allergic to cinnamon... I know I am.

93, yes, for a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go dowwwn the medicine go down, just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way!

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Note to self: do the cinnamon challenge outside.

He was trying the cinnamon challenge

...or he's doing it wrong if he's shooting out "burgers" I hope they were bacon cheese burgers!:) 4 pages in and no one noticed it said burgers? I'm doubting myself, isn't it boogers people??

Have you ever heard of the cinnamon challenge

Actually it was probably the cinnamon challenge since it is so dry it can and most likely will make you cough which triggered him/her to throw up

Op: Gee, this guy took the cinnamon challenge and choked. I betcha I won't! Ima boss! *chokes and throws up* I didn't think that would happen...

Because op wanted to produce his own burgers. Or maybe he finds pleasure in throbbing testicles and burning nostrils

It's a rite of passage for moronic communities.

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wait...throbbing testicles?!?

Ah... The cinnamon challenge. I feel you bro

You really do have to be challenged, to try this challenge.

If your gonna do it, you have to commit like Daniel tosh who while he was doing it also did the salteline cracker challenge, and tried to break 100 cocoanuts in under a minute while on salvia

Some call it easy money... Others call it death

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The only people that win that challenge are the lucky few who have the pleasure to witness the misfortune of the moron who accepted the challenge.

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It's really unhealthy to do that and could cause lung and breathing problems. Your really dumb to try. Just one question though, is it on YouTube?

Ok, everyone go to YouTube and type in: glozell- cinamon challenge. Funniest shit ever

Hahah i saw that she eats the whole huuuge spoon :P

Ima bee, ima bee, ima ima ima bee. *buzzes around*

I'm a wasp I'm a wasp I'm a wasp *stings the bee and feeds it to my babies*

Well I dunno about you but I love watching stupid people suffer through their own fault.

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You stupid sheep! That story was all over the news about a month ago. Evidently, YouTube is cluttered with videos of idiots trying to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon. So, not only are you a moron, you are an uncreative copycat. Don't just follow the memes -- YOLO ;)

A month ago? This shit has been dead a while. Also, how does the cinnamon challenge have anything to do with memes? Yolo? God lol. Anyways cinnamon challenge is hard, I feel the pain, buy YDI OP. You should know not many can do it.

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27 - Look up meme PLEASE! Secondly you must be new here, let me be the first to introduce you to perdix. Sir perdix.

27- never never NEVER back talk perdix

Best video if that is the woman who had her dentures go flying out.

There are different types of memes, there are templates with text on them, and there are those ones above.

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NO! I did it to myself and it was the worst shit ever. Your tissue freezes and if you don't take care of it you have to get surgery to remove the dead tissue. DON'T ANYONE DO IT

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The cinnamon challenge. I was thinking of trying but I'm glad I didn't.

Ydi for doing the cinnamon challenge. By the way if that was bad, don't even try the salt and ice challenge

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Salt and ice? You mean giving yourself a chemical burn? In the days when I self injured, salt and ice was one of the methods I couldn't really get into. Finally worked my way down to hair plucking, sharper jolt.