By lostlove - United States
Today, I was trying to find my first message on Facebook. When I was reaching the bottom, I saw a message from my old crush. It contained a paragraph confessing her love for me and asking me to write back. Don't know how I missed that one. FML
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  BagleHead  |  6

Show up at her house with a boombox and a bunch of roses.

Alternatively, you could berate her for using a crappy messaging service to confess her feelings for you

  DjeePee  |  24

I think it is too late. My guess is that his 'old crush' is one from high school (what explains her using Facebook to confess her feelings) and that OP is now in college or starting to work. Chances are big that she already has a boyfriend for a couple of years and that OP almost forgot about her.

  LiyIa_fml  |  8

Facebook fails. Why can't people write letters anymore? :( THIS WOULDNT HAVE HAPPENED IF SHE WROTE A LETTER! or talked to you in person. Even if she was nervous. Waiting for a reply is worse then looking the person in the eye.

By  NoNotTheFace  |  8

You probably saw the first part of the message and thought it was one of those stupid chain messages.

"Once you've started reading this...". but if you continued reading you would've seen, "... you should fini