By smokecloud_ - 30/12/2013 21:38 - United States - Ashland

Today, I was watching ESPN. My boyfriend came in, bitched about "boring tv," so I handed him the remote. He put on a Lifetime movie. I must be the only woman in America with this problem. FML
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See you had me until you mentioned the ******* patriots...


Not so lucky if they have different tastes, but I'd be glad to have a girlfriend who loved espn!

Not so lucky if he can't respect what she likes, she was watching the TV first and should not have had to change channel.

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It's like your the dude and he's the chick

47, she clearly stated she gave him the remote, which basically means she gave him her permission to change the channel

There's a pretty good chance he might be gay

Men don't have to like sports to be a manly man, but Lifetime???.....

"I am here with you Though we're far apart You're always in my heart"

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There was a blooper reel where an outfielder lost a fly ball in the sun and the ball hit him in the face. I like seeing people take balls to the face.

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Whoa there. Those are some wild accusations.

Damn! Sounds like a true manly man you got there.

I'm a guy, and I like documentaries. My girlfriend likes Basketball. I don't. It's the same thing, almost. But I still like sports , at least. Go patriots, woo...

See you had me until you mentioned the ******* patriots...

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Patriots for the super bowl **** yeah!!

There is a difference between documentaries and Lifetime movies.

#56- Seahawks vs Broncos or Patriots for the Super Bowl

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so what, my dad started watching lifetime movies since he stopped drinking, he also replaced alcohol with cookies and cake. ops bf might have a legit reason for acting like a girl..on her period. go broncos!

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The patriots are the ones who had Babe Ruth, right?

ThatFancyPenn 18

Sorry, forgot to say that that was sarcasm. Gotta remember that some people can't take a joke.

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#75, you idiot, the Patriots play men's beach volleyball, Babe Ruth Zaharias was a female golfer who died before volleyball was invented. Duh.

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You could say you are the luckiest that you will never have to deal with him paying so much attention to sports:)

haha what is this madness? I'll gladly watch espn with you :p

There is a silver lining in everything, and it sound like he is quite mature. Good luck OP!

To be fair, ESPN can be pretty boring at times. And depending on the Lifetime movie, It's quite possible I'd change the channel too. Especially if it's the A DINGO ATE MY BABY! movie.