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Today, in my film class, we were watching Schindler's List. At least, we tried. The moron next to me kept interrupting the most intense scenes with a very loud, "I don't get it." Not only did she break the focus of the class, but we had to keep stopping the movie to explain it to her. FML
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Well why don't you be quiet and listen and watch to "get it".

the teacher should give her that film and give her a hard homework to make sure she got it.


At least she's getting some well deserved education!

Well needed as well, by the sound of it!

why didn't the professor just kick her out for being disruptive

That'd probably look really bad on her record... - the teacher's. You can kick one out but it's not right if they're not doing anything wrong. Maybe the person was genuinely confused.

You can always take notes of what you didn't understand and ask after class. You don't need to constantly interrupt to clear your doubts.

Well why don't you be quiet and listen and watch to "get it".

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That makes way too much sense to be a valid option.

the teacher should give her that film and give her a hard homework to make sure she got it.

Ikr. Attention *****. I bet she got off each time she managed to get the movie to be put on pause.

You should have told her a whole different story than what was happening in the movie to confuse her. She probably would have believed it

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Good grief. At least it's not as bad as when our whole junior class (300 some on students) sat in our auditorium to watch it and this one fat ass asshole made crude comments when certain scenes showed mild nudity.

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Same thing with my class, we were the first and last year to all watch it together in the auditorium lol.

To be honest, I didn't get it either... But interrupting the class repeatedly is unacceptable.

If you want to watch the movie for entertainment, watch it at home. I assume you are in film class to analyze the movie and learn about filmmaking. You will be the moron for not learning. YDI...

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How does OP deserve it? Someone else was interrupting the class because she couldn't understand what was going on.

How does OP deserve sitting next to an idiot all class?

14 - You act as if the point of class is to get through a thing with minimum fuss. It's not. The whole point is to observe, question, discuss, and understand. It's not an "interruption" unless it's off-topic.

35 - Not sure if you've ever seen Schindler's List, but it's one of those films that loses a lot of its impact if you don't focus when watching it. Everything is very carefully placed and connected. It's true that school is about learning and questioning, but from what OP said, it's pretty clear that this girl was disrupting the rest of the students' learning experience because she couldn't string the plot together. If she'd had questions or wanted to discuss, there are generally designated times for that. During the movie is not one of those times.

35 - That's fair, and it would have been my first choice, but many have never mastered the art of note taking. If this is freshman film studies it's filled with people grabbing an easy social studies credit, not serious students of the art form. This is the normal course of things in any 101 class and no real cause for complaint.

I watched the film in Humanities last year while learning about the Holocaust, and we watched it for entertainment along with education. We weren't set any work based around the film, it was just there so we could appreciate the work gone into it and remember the Holocaust victims. OP in no way deserves the crap they faced, the idiot girl should have been kicked out

There's nothing worse than watching movies with people who say "Oh here comes a funny bit!" Or "What did they say?" etc, the whole damn film.

I only ever ask "what did they say?" when they mumble and I can't read their lips. After being partially deaf for the first few years of my life I've become dependent on bring able to lip read to fully comprehend what people are saying. If they mumble too much, they ruin the film.

That sounds like my brother. How he's always like "what happened?" or "What did he/she say?" etc. That's why I watch movies alone.

I don't hear very good so I put on the subtitles when watching movies.