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Today, I finally got the courage to make a move on the guy I've been crushing on. I asked him if he would like to go see a movie with me. He answered, "Sorry, I've already seen it." I didn't even mention any particular movie. FML
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Yes, it really sheds some light on the social interactions of certain people, quite a thought provoking and intellectual topic.

It's not necessary to be a jerk all the time, #12. While I agree #1 could have put a bit more effort into his comment, it's better than "first", "FYL", "that sucks", or "lol".

I agree with #19. Get the stick out of your ass, #12. Sheesh.

I'm sorry, I just don't like Nilorak, just yesterday he had third comment and had a blank post, then a few hours after that he had first and just posted "Hi".

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#19, don't you think #1 could have at least thrown us a "Aw, I'll be your friend" bone? Or they could have simply hit the F2 key which is the "You deserve better" function key.

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#63, Aw, I'll be your friend. :D

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At least now you know you've avoided a douche. You'll find someone better, Op. And you have a lot of guts to step up and try to talk to a crush!

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Maybe hes seen all the movies.. Benefit of the doubt?

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How does that make him a prick? He was trying to let her down easy, I'm sure he just ****** up or something.

I agree with 54. This doesn't sound like he was trying to be an asshole, he just didn't like her. If we switch the genders here, OP would get sympathy and the girl wouldn't be called a bitch, instead of the OP's crush being called a douche. There's plenty of guys out there ;D keep trying!

Exactly, dude is not a prick or douche. be careful fellas, if you don't respond to a females you are automatically the male equivalent of a female ****

* if you don't do what females want your automatically the male equivalent of a female ****.

It doesn't make him an asshole. If someone doesn't like someone they shouldn't have to go on a pity date to make op feel better. I've seen more hurtful rejections on this site.

Some people don't know how to decline something politely :/ fyl

Maybe he was trying to let her know that he wasn't interested in her the way she was in him. Yeah, it was pretty abrupt and didn't leave any room for OP to save face, but maybe he couldn't think of anything else on short notice. It still sucks to be rejected, though. If OP can put this behind her and move on, she'll find someone who's a better fit.

He still doesn't know how to "politely decline" hence my comment

Oh, you're absolutely right. I really don't think kids learn how to handle face to face awkward situations nowadays, since everyone has their faces glued to their phones. Back in the olden days, when I was in school, our Health class had en etiquette chapter. Sounds dusty and quaint, but it did give us some pointers on what to say. Still didn't make it any easier to handle, though.

Dang that sucks, if he is that insensitive you don't need to be with him anyways. Keep your head up!

Maybe he's seen every film that's currently running? Yeah, I agree it's bullshit.

hey that is a possibility i know I've seen the few good movies that i wanted to watch that are airing right now and wouldn't want to watch the other ones, but most likely it was a fail at a tactful way of saying no.

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I work at a theater, so I usually see movies immediately after they come out. It's not impossible for someone to gave seen every available movie.

As the old saying goes, you dodged a bullet there OP!

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Maybe he's afraid of the dark and is just too embarrassed to admit it. Ask him to go to the zoo, a baseball game, antiquing, fishing, for coffee, golfing, spelunking, scuba diving, dancing, etc. until he accepts or gets the balls to admit that the thought of being with you makes him nauseous.

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Are you just trying to make OP look desperate? She invited this guy to a film. He declined rather rudely. It would be up to him to offer an alternative if he did want to go somewhere with her. If OP had pushed the issue, it would have been awkward and uncomfortable.

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Someone clearly doesn't know perdix. Lol

We all have to figure him out eventually.

Guys, don't be so hard on 28, they're obviously new here and have not yet learned the ways of the FML.

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seplunking's pretty dark, bro.

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#72, I know, it's a trap. You would have to see what it is about movie theaters that freaks him out. My guess would be popcorn prices.

Might also be finding out just what that sticky stuff on the theater floor is.

That guy... Screw him, you're better off without a douche like that.

Why consider this an FML? I think you got lucky he showed his true colors now and not later on...