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Today, at work, I got to wait on one of those tables where everyone had very complex orders, and some of them sent their food back. When the time finally came for me to bring them their check and receive my well-earned tip, I returned only to discover that they'd dined and dashed. FML
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I'm so sorry I've been there its horrible

1 or if any other waiter/waitress can answer this. Who ends up paying for the food? If they don't catch the people.

I've never been involved in the business, unless you count going as a customer but I'd assume it's just written off as something akin to a bad debt.

The waiter or server has to pay! I've had to pay a bill over $100 before. It's not fun when u make below minimum wage.

That's the problem. Most customers would think that the business simply covers it, when in reality the bill is covered by the servers wages. Also a fun fact: a percentage of our tips goes to the kitchen, bar, busboys, depending on the restaurant. No tip means your server paid a bit just to wait on your table after they put the time and effort into making you happy. Just something to think about in regards to treating people with human decency.

I love how restaurants get out of paying employees a fair wage by making customers or in the case of shitty customers, the employees pay the wages. There is something beyond wrong with that business model. I've known too many people who worked in that business and on a slow day with a bad tipper they end up paying to go to work. Almost feels like a form of slave labor. If I can't afford to tip 20% of my bill on minimum, I stay home that night. I just include the tip as part of the whole experience in my head when making plans so I don't end up stiffing someone. I couldn't imagine doing a fine and dash. It's just a form of theft. Maybe restaurants should treat it like a bar tab and hold a license or credit card per table until the bill is paid.

I worked in a restaurant, and had people leave without paying. Thankfully my managers "cashed" the check out, because they knew we didn't make that much.

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It's no wonder why many people believe everyone should have to work as a server at least once. Former servers tend to be better customers and tippers because they know what is like to have to that job.

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@37 That practice is illegal in some states, and probably also illegal under certain conditions or with certain arguments in others. The reason behind servers making sub-minimum wage is that tips are supposed to cover the difference. If your employer takes money from you and, as a result, you're not making minimum wage, then that's plain illegal.

I have been at places where either the store just "comps" the meal or the server has to pay.

It depends on the restaurant, some will just let it go so long as it doesn't happen often and others will make the server pay.

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Now aren't you glad that you spit in the soup and farted on their entrees? People can be such major assholes. I really hope you didn't get stuck for the bill.

Ewww. That's why you always stay nice to people who serve/prepare your food.

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Oh that really sucks. Hopefully you got a good look at their faces so if they come back in, say "you owe me for your last session."