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Today, I was holding the door open for a friend. She told me to wait a second because she had to finish a text. Nearly a minute passed before I asked why she wouldn't come inside to finish typing. We were at a Chinese restaurant. She thought the "No MSG" sign meant you couldn't text inside. FML
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At least she won't be rudely texting while you are dining.

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MSG is one of several forms of glutamic acid found in foods. Because glutamic acid is pervasive in nature, being an amino acid. Seeing as the US doesn't ban/regulate them like Europe does, restaurants put up a no MSG sign. Basically, it's an additive.


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It's not fair to generalise an entire country based on the vocal few that gets most of the attention. Each country has its fair share of idiots.

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But still, your experiences aren't enough to judge the whole country.

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19 - I should be allowed to have an opinion of the country I live in. It would have been unfair if I had said something like "every single person in America is retarded." Which I didn't. But it's not my fault stupidity is extremely common here (and it's not like I'm not saying I don't know some awesome and intelligent people). Jeez, it was one word. Lighten up guys.

Nnnope's generalization has grounds, though. It's not just a stereotype, it's been statistically proven that America is in fact home to the stupidest, fattest, most obnoxious nation in the civilized world. Watch "Waiting for Superman" and you'll see what I mean.

#5 That's really funny! "Each country has its fair share of idiots"

22, Okay, a lot of people think Sarah Palin is dumb (although, even in her case, I think people blew some mistakes way out of proportion, and even attribute things to her she never actually said, for example "I can see Russia from my house.") but how are any of those other people stupid? Oh, wait, I see; they're all Republicans. Well, I bet I can guess YOUR political affiliation. And the funny thing is, you probably think you're really enlightened and open minded. Ha ha!

Nnnope - Where I'm from, people are also completely tech-obsessed, clueless morons. I'm site every person from every country on the planet can say the same thing. It gets very tiresome seeing "Murrica" on these, because if it had come from Australia, Zimbabwe, or anywhere in between, it wouldn't change a damned thing.

Gracehi, someone pies in your corn flakes? My political affiliation is Liberal socialism, largely what is the primary political structure in Canada. To be fair, Palin is a horrible person. Acting as if she would run in 2010, touring around, collecting millions in donations, only to decide not to run. An interview with her daughter concluded Mrs. Palin made get decision but continued to garner support, collect money for months, only to walk away. Also, can't forget those Death Panels of Socialized medicine. Yeah, Palin is a complete moron. I know I am a biased Canadian. What's funny, the frequency these goof balls are given a platform to speak and ability to make decision for the entire populous. cheers.

66, Given the myriad typos in your comment and your failure to notice and correct them, in addition to your failure to recognize the fact the Sarah Palin lost the vice presidential election and is no longer a governor, plus your failure to address any of the other people you accused of stupidity, not to mention the fact that you admitted your political bias, I must say that I really don't think you're in any position to judge the intelligence of others. Cheers.

A political debate on a simple mistake FML. You all take things too seriously. Not everyone knows what MSG is and what it's contained in.

Banter aside, Ryan, all I'm saying is that just because someone disagrees with your views or, as you claim in Sarah Palin's case, is devious, it doesn't make them stupid. For example, I disagree with the way Obama has run my country, but I would never dream of accusing him of stupidity. On the contrary, I think it takes a pretty brilliant person to get reelected with his record. I don't want to start a political debate here, I'm just making the point that political affiliation has nothing to do with intelligence.

@ Gracehi, my myraid of typos? Glad to see you were able to fix yours too. ;) By the way, if you want me to write paragraphs on the rest I can. However, I doubt the FML community would want me too. I am not making country wide decisions, and the fact that congressional gridlock is now negatively effecting us here, American politicians are fair game. :D

You see, Ryan, it is the attitude you have displayed here that has caused congressional gridlock.

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11- Thats all around the world. Everywhere there is technology, there are people obsessed with it. Thinking its only America is a stupid generalization.

Nobody in their right mind wants to be a politician! People want success! Politicians were born into money and most of them don't see what it is that normal people see! That's why America is considered idiotic! Well, that and reality TV.

Everyone, I would like to apologize for this example of my country-person. Trust me, not everyone in Canada is as stupid as this twat-waffle. Lots of Conservatives up here, too. (Hey, twat-waffle, what's the political party that's in power up here right now? Oh right, the Conservative Party. And what's the political party that suffered its worst showing ever at the polls the last time around? Oh right, the Liberals. Quit trying to pretend your party even matters right now)

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oj101 33

MSG is one of several forms of glutamic acid found in foods. Because glutamic acid is pervasive in nature, being an amino acid. Seeing as the US doesn't ban/regulate them like Europe does, restaurants put up a no MSG sign. Basically, it's an additive.

It is really bad for you but makes things tasty and you'll want to eat a lot of it haha. It's pretty much in all "bad" foods!

Actually, it's only bad if you have asthma and a certain blood type. Otherwise, an arsenal of tests performed have proven it to be notorious for lack of reason. It is in fact, addicting though. That in and of itself is not a good thing :)

No, it is not bad for you, no worse than regular table salt. This is yet another example of completely ungrounded societal fears propagated by anecdotal evidence which has now been thoroughly refuted by actual scientific studies. In one, even people who were self-diagnosed "MSG sensitive" were unaffected by a large amount of MSG.

61- so sorta like corn syrup? "but it'll hurt muh babby!" Because of such idiotic fears, they've made a whole advertising campaign like this: Person A: (says unfounded claim about corn syrup) Person B: (proves them wrong)

Probably only bad for us due to the amount we eat.

I want to personally thank you for asking this and looking ignorant so I didn't have to :D

61: MSG gives me terrible migraines. I have to avoid other foods high in glutamates, like mushrooms. And an allergist tested me for it, so I'm not making shit up. Some people ARE sensitive to MSG, but not nearly as many as claim to.

Now, why was #2 thumbed down so much? I didn't know either. And you know why? Because I'm not form an English speaking country and therefor have never seen the sign or heard of this. I'm from Europe and someone above said this is banned in Europe, so how was I supposed to know? Perhaps #2 is also European?

88- Because there exists something called Google.

Monosodium glutamate. I bet you spell through "thru", and use text lingo in your school work papers. God help America...

#100 : and when we're from the app, it's easier if someone has asked the question for the others than googling it. So, thank you #2

I didn't bother checking where #2 was from, my point was that someone like me would ask the same thing. And yes, I would've googled it too if the answer weren't here already, but there is still no harm in asking, is there?

Sputnikspak - I'm sure you're right. I'm sure for most foods out there, someone out there is sensitive or allergic to it. Doesn't justify the unscientific mass hysteria against MSG.

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81, I have the same problem. It used to be way worse though. My parents found out I had a problem when after eating some Rice Roni I hallucinated butterflies trying to eat me :/ I still hate butterflies and its been like 18 years.

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Thank you for asking this because I didn't even know what it was and I'm an honor student.

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102 - What are you talking about? I can't see how your comment is relevant in any way. The information you shared, what MSG means, had already been added. I think the rest of your comment was a badly structured insult to Americans, but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, your comment was completely irrelevant.

# 2, I don't know, but it sounds provocative!

Some people are also super allergic to it... I unfortunately am one of those people

117: That is the truth. I'm also allergic to egg yolks (some specific protein in it), but I'm much more severely allergic to that than MSG. I get a bad migraine and a rash from large amounts of glutamates, but eggs will make me stop breathing. 124: There isn't scientific evidence that MSG causes symptoms for everyone (the relation to cheap Chinese food might be because of the sheer amount of sugar in it), but for some people, it does cause problems.

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It is proven that it is a migraine trigger.

oj101 33

You would think that a professional establishment would at least use full English if it meant what your girlfriend thought it did.

I suspect more people understand "no MSG" over "no monosodium glutamate". It would take a special kind of stupid to think it meant no texting. We live in a world of acronyms.

oj101 33

To be fair, monosodium glutamate is a mouthful. No pun intended.

MSG is the common and accepted name, and most people know what it means. This is simply an example of one stupid person.

3 specifically said "if it meant what your friend thought it meant." I suggest you guys make sure you understand what someone is saying before you attempt to correct them.

Careful 49. Someone may punch you in the FAAACCCEEEE!!!!!

Indeed, 52. That is a legitimate concern.

37- Except, not everyone knows what MSG is, or even what it's contained in.

26- Guess we've found that "special kind of stupid!" .. 54- Yeah 54, better be careful! Wouldn't want an enraged person popping out of your screen and punching you! Major concern!!!

154, Speaking of "special kind of stupid" ... *ahem* Ever heard of something called "sarcasm?"

I don't think 154 has seen some of your other comments Gracehi.

156- hmm I dunno, have you? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ My 54 comment to you was a mockery of 52's. "Speaking of special kind of stupid *ehem*" Maybe you need to turn your sarcasm/mocking detection on... =)

At least she won't be rudely texting while you are dining.

Well now that she knows that "No MSG" doesn't mean that she can't text, she probably will.

The Fml didn't indicate if OP told her or not. I'm rooting for "not"

If you're having dinner with someone, texting someone else is rude because you should be talking to the person you're with. Not a hard concept..

Texting in general, obviously, isn't rude, but if you're out to eat with someone, it's only courteous to not do it so much in front of them, as you should be having a conversation with the other person. I thought that's what people met each other for, unless staring contests are the "in thing" for dates. I went to visit someone one time, and she literally texted the *entire* time. She still don't know what she did wrong, and I pity her.

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#94, Am I excused if I only sent four messages and three of those were replies to my mother? Also there were 7 people and it was a hibachi, no one ran out of conversational partners.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) usually used in Chinese food establishments as a flavor enhancer. Makes you feel a bit sick afterwards.

No, it does not. Multiple double-blind placebo studies (that's the GOOD type) have failed to show ANY link between the so-called "MSG syndrome" and MSG. It's actually less toxic than regular salt. There is NO ill-effect of eating MSG. None.

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8 - I completely agree. Sometimes I feel feverish and have headaches after I eat at certain asian MSG restaurants, then I know which ones to avoid next time. I am positive it is not an allergy. Sorry Doc, normally I love ya, maybe I was not part of those studies.

I thought there was a connection between MSG and it causing migraines in some people?

I actually knew that research Doc. I just meant that for me personally, I feel sluggish afterwards.

Lauaries8 - There was a double-blind placebo study which looked at people like you who claim to get sick from MSG. Only 2 people actually got sick, and they both received the placebo. Azula - There is not a shred of actual evidence that MSG causes headaches or anything else other than anecdotal evidence from people like you who think they feel sick after eating it. The truth is that the placebo effect is VERY real.

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Doc, maybe they have an actual allergy/sensitivity to it and just haven't gotten tested. I have a pretty nasty sensitivity (tested by docs when I was a kid) and I get pretty sick when I eat it. A lot of people are just full of shit, though.

Actually, I get very sick (extreme diarrhea, heavy nausea) whenever I eat MSG. I'm positive that it's MSG because its the only thing outstandingly different between what food gives me the symptoms and what doesn't. For example, I went to a Chinese food restaurant that used MSG and I was sick for 2 days. I went to one without and was fine.

Extreemguy - No, no, and no. It's exactly this type of anecdotal "evidence" that makes people think it's MSG causing the symptoms. The irrefutable fact is that MSG is so rapidly metabolised that it is impossible (even at megadoses) to raise your blood levels to any detectable level. That means it is GONE within minutes and therefore can NOT make you sick for 2 days, or even for several hours. Sorry, but it was something else that made you sick.

pheebs314 17

Okay... Given your story, I'm siding with Doc on this one. Sorry for the side change, but that's totally different from an MSG sensitivity or allergy. That Chinese place probably just sucked at cooking.

This just proves how much technology has impacted our lives. That's definitely a faceplam moment for you. Yeesh

oj101 33

And technology has only just scratched the surface. There's going to be Google Glass which will connect us constantly, then virtual reality, then artificial bodily parts better than the real thing in the next few years.

Reminds me of the time I was telling my sister about the eye patch I'd bought for a party... And for a few minutes there she was wondering what the hell an iPatch was. Sigh.

You should have told her it was for people recovering from an addiction to apple products

18, The "better than the real thing" artificial limbs is already happening. There was a movement to keep "blade runner" out of the Olympics because his particular prosthetics were considered an unfair advantage. Then he went on to do really well, I believe, so perhaps the protests were somewhat valid.

I can't wait for VR and so on, going to be so epic! And of course artificial limbs and such, it is just enhancing humans, which can mostly be a plus. I hope Apple or Samsung or something comes out with "google glass" stuff too, much easier to connect to people and so on probably

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In fairness I would not have known either what it means (I'm not a native English speaker), although I don't think I'd have jumped to the same conclusion of your friend. At least I learned something today, thank you Google :)

Oh fyl you held a door open for 10 seconds.

13, I don't think he was mad because he held the door open for a while. Re-read the fml.

Your comments never fail to take the retard cake. Did your mother stand close to the microwave when she was pregnant with you? Bitchy/stupid is an unfortunate combination

Waaaooooh 38, you're kinda taking the bitchy cake on this one...

Yeah, 38, that was a bit over the top and unnecessary. Some people just aren't witty, but that doesn't make them stupid.

13's comments are always mean or rude and completely miss the point of the FML. It's just become a niggling irritation, but honestly I really shouldn't hold it against her. You're right. I'm a big old bitch with a lustrous mustache, and I need to take a nap. Cheers

it probably should! it'd be nice if people could make it through a meal without ignoring the person they're with

I honestly would've thought the same thing...

It takes courage to admit something like that.

I was gonna say something along the line of "It's not a well known acronym in countries that doesn't have English as first language." But then I checked where she was from...