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Today, I had been trying to text my girlfriend all day, but no reply. After a while, I became worried so I called. She picked up and said, "Can't talk, busy." Not even a minute later, my best friend says to me, "Dude, tell your girlfriend to leave me alone. She's been texting me all day." FML
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At least your best friend is being honest and not going behind your back.


Lindahhxd 7

I hope she's an ex-girlfriend now; At least your best friend was a best friend for telling you!

You have a good friend and a bad GF. Dump her ASAP.

I'm be VERY optimistic for op's sake but, maybe she was trying to ask his best friend what he wants for christmas? who am I kidding?

The best friend would keep the 'christmas surprise' as a secret. And reading the FML he seems pretty annoyed.

A mod edited my post, it seems. Hmm, no matter. My point still stands.

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I agree. is your gf 13? because she's acting like a child.

Vinnadizzio 8 whats up with your title..?

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I prefer mine sugared. Isn't that the norm?

A man with sugared balls is good to find. So, if things don't work out with your girlfriend, you know where to find me, OP.

vanessa09865 23

I've asked my boyfriend to use sweetener because i'm trying to lose weight

Balls are called sugar lumps for a reason!

You mean ex-gf right? Because that doesn't sound like a gf to me.

This fml is confusing to me. She is busy texting your best friend and he doesn't want to talk to her and is creeped out or is she also doing something else? Either way she should be dumped or as least talked to in person because that sounds like a cheating thing to do. Why couldn't a gf tell you what she is doing? There shouldn't be anything to hide and she should love to talk to her bf when she gets to.

Karalela44 15

Sounds like something from a Jenna Marbles video

At least your best friend is being honest and not going behind your back.

sonrisapreciosa 6

Or they had a one night stand together...

At least one of the 2 ppl closest to him is honest. and its the guy that will stick with for life. lucky dude

If I was your friend, I would have railed her.

friedpwnadge 25

You are the reason people hate relationships.

Snowcones 14

So you would "rail" any girl that talks to you, it seems, cause OP didn't say anything about attractiveness

Dafuqq was wrong with the chick in your pic?

JoeGrant 12

121- probably someone he "railed".

brittanyrmh_ 12

Try to look at it on the bright side; your best friend could be flirting with her behind your back, but he was honest with you Edit: 4 beat me to it, but it still stands.

Sounds like somebody switched contacts in her phone and she haven't realized it yet.

nothing92x 13

11, that is some terrible logic. I would think it would be obvious to her that the contacts in her phone were switched. I say this from my texting experience, as people have different texting styles.

She also wouldn't have told him she was too busy to text him if that was the case.

The fact that OP CALLED her, she would realize it wasn't him she was texting. So I doubt her contacts were changed, and she's just a bitch.