By phonebaby - 18/11/2014 01:04 - United States - Stamford

Today, my friend asked me to order take out for him because he gets nervous on phones. I called a Chinese restaurant, only to get nervous, and hang up. FML
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You guys are never gonna get anything done

Looks like he mind-****** you, subconsciously.


You guys are never gonna get anything done

T_Young96 13

Birds of a feather flock together.. Or should we say frantically flap and squeak with EXTREME social anxiety! Sorry OP

Looks like he mind-****** you, subconsciously.

well thats why u tell ur friend to do it..... oh wait....

That's why you tell your grammar to fix it. Oh wait...

Meowdisen 15

This is why I only order from places that have online ordering available.

muis545 21

You guys have so much in common!

Yea, maybe they should talk about it... Oh, wait....

Yeah "talking" on the phone is an acquired skill. You can always avoid this by placing your order online.

christina3466 17

I do the same thing, especially when I can't understand what they say. I feel bad for not understanding..

The awkward moment when you ask someone to repeat themselves 3 times already but you still don't understand what they said so you just laugh and say yeah...

skyttlz 32

I work at a place that does take-out and deliveries (pizza place). I absolutely hate the phones. I often can't understand them, or they can't understand me, or there's background noise, or they'll call and then ask whoever they're with what they want.

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