By annonymous - 28/02/2010 06:31 - France

Today, I went skinny dipping with a few friends at my friend's house. It was really fun until one of my friends shrieked, saying there were bugs in the pool. Everyone jumped out and looked at her. Turns out the "bugs" she saw was my body hair. FML
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-hands you a razor- I think you'll be needin' this.


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I still don't really understand how hair looks like a bug

I agree with #12? but op if your so upset then shave.

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well the OP lives in France ... soo I'm not surprised lol

well it still depends are u a boy or girl?

Nowhere does it say the OP is from France. It says "sent from mobile version."

no , it says France at the top , dumbaass . look next time

Obviously I did look since I read "sent from mobile version." You're the dumbass for using Internet Explorer, get a real browser.

61 is right. it says France on mobile versions or sometimes if the OP was on a mobile. I only go to this site on my iTouch so it will say France for me too.

I'd be like I'm a real man bitch. But if op is a girl shave. Even for guys trim your mane.

I missed something...where did OP say they were embarrassed by their body hair? Though they probably are now.

99 I love you! although wookies have genders too

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Hmm, Polygamy is illegal where I come from, should #99 and I flip a coin for you?

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THIRD COMMENT WOO and wow why not shave?

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Sorry, you're not third, and nobody cares either.

actually, he is third, but he never even said it...

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stop being a ***** go shave wash u dirty crap.

wow blondie08 , shutup. stop being a bit*h.

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-hands you a razor- I think you'll be needin' this.

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hey shes from france you know how french girls are

haha funniest comment goes to you my friend, you're number one now.

Lol, first subcommenter to this comment, nice name. I like the Eragon reference.

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Maybe she does shave but not competely off where the other girls do, that wouldn't be her fault then.

I think Op's major concern here should not be so much the presence body hair, but the fact said body hair can somehow be confused with bugs. Is it super long or incredibly thick or something??