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Today, my dad refused to believe that the Animal Planet's mermaid mockumentaries were faked. Instead he got into a huge argument with me, claiming the government is covering up the existence of mermaids and must've threatened the producers to keep it quiet. FML
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FireFlie07 20

Eh, who said mermaids aren't real? They could be.

challan 19

What?! Are you telling me that mermaids don't exist? Next you'll tell me that Santa is imaginary as well!


Redoxx_fml 22

At least we know you where you didn't get your brains from

I have to agree with you. If all fairytale creatures and myths didn't exist at some point, then how did countries, who live on opposite sides of the world, all come up with the same creatures? Something had to exist at some point!

Redoxx_fml 22

How's that agreeing with me?

Yes.. How is that agreeing ? And why would The gouvernement try to cover it up anyway?

jem970 19

They tried to cover up that their sonar testing was causing whales to beach themselves.

Oops. I meant to click on two haha. Oh well, that was my point!

Okay so everyone seems to be in agreement that these mermaids absolutely don't exist, never have, and never will, so I'm probably going to get lots of thumbs downs for this comment. I know it's hard when you hear the word "mermaid" to get over the whole "myth/Disney" mindset, but isn't it at least somewhat possible for there to be something out there resembling what is known to be called a mermaid? There is so much of the ocean that hasn't been discovered and some of the evidence they reveal on the show is pretty astounding. Is everyone just in total agreement that this is ridiculous? Am I just gullible? Or is there even a .01% chance that these "mermaids" could possibly be real?

Manatees are actually the closest thing to a Mermaid.

Redoxx_fml 22

Well all life came from the sea

Why did they try to cover up the IRS scam? And the listening to every phone or download all emails and im's?

#27 There is this wonderful new product called the brain. It has a feature called imagination, where you create imaginary things.

#120 you people criticizing us that believe that mermaids could be out there annoy the hell out of me bc you don't think logically. over 95% of our oceans are undiscovered. logically there is a chance somewhere in there is a mermaid

challan 19

What?! Are you telling me that mermaids don't exist? Next you'll tell me that Santa is imaginary as well!

Redoxx_fml 22

Santa exists the way happy endings exist in Game of Thrones...

olpally 32

The Easter bunny is also imaginary?? Mind=blown

Redoxx_fml 22

No the Easter Bunny is actually real .

The reaction videos for red wedding on game of thrones were funny but hey the spirit of Saint nick still exists just not a fat man going down your chimney (: oh and he was the patron saint of prostitutes

Mermaids are real.(2 kids cought it on their cellphone. It appeared to be dead, but it was still alive and barely. If you know what I am talking about and will say it is fake then explain without pulling words out of you damn ass.). Also, mermaids irl are ugly. 9/11 was an inside job(It would take too long to explain). Aliens do exist(there is actual footage of a ufo crashing). Btw,If you just wanna be a dick an just say something is untrue without even knowing for sure or even searching for edvidence then stfu. Like saying "oh Aliens don't exist." You probably never once did any research on the topic.

FireFlie07 20

Eh, who said mermaids aren't real? They could be.

Redoxx_fml 22

Jack Sparrow thinks they're real

I definitely believe they could exist and they are terrified of us land dwellers. I mean, just consider how much of the ocean we have yet to explore.

I have the same view as op's father. Who does op think he is to say he knows everything and fhl because he had to get into an argument with his father. this is why you don't talk about religion, politics , and mermaids. MERPOWER!

Ahem, considering most of said ocean floor is in Mariana's trench and is practically incapable for anything other than benthic coral and bacteria, and the occasional Isopod

You really were out of line when it was your turn when God Gave out brains weren't you!

chesoes 8

i think there is a huge chance of them being real

Did he try telling you there are five headed unicorns and schools with good food, too?

The school I went to ordered from a pizza place. They had great food. I guess this means five-headed unicorns exist.

The school didn't have good food, the pizza place did. Besides, negating one statement would not negate the other, unless I said the two statements in the format "if a is false, b is false".

In Art of Lit and college level Algebra, you learn about truth charts, that use items such as this, like in the situation "If my car is broken, I will fix it", written as "c>f", as the phrase is conditional (>), or in the form of "If this, then that."

Jhmartin88 3

Sadly, the executives at animal planet were issued cease and desist style letters over the documentaries, by the US government. Not saying that I believe in it, but there wasn't a reason to send the letters in the first place

asnakelovinbabe 16

If you dig deeper you will notice that even discovery network has issued statements saying that this stuff is all just for show and isn't actually real.

rg350dx 29

Hold the're telling me the little mermaid wasn't a true story?!

It is. People don't call me Ursula for nothing.

Redoxx_fml 22

Of course not! Crabs can't sing...

RedPillSucks 31

Mr Crabs: Everybody is a damn critic.

Personally, I thought the little mermaid was a great documentary

little_star78 13

Did you happen to point out that if this was true the government wouldn't have let Animal Planet air them at all? And why would the government cover up the existence of mermaids at all? What purpose would that serve?

jem970 19

They were trying to cover up that their sonar testing was killing whales, that is true and if people don't believe that then they need to do more research. If people found out they were possibly killing an animal that could possibly be a mermaid? The government would be in trouble. There are many reasons.

The same reason it over 4 decades before they even admitted Area 51 exists. And president or ex presidents admitting not knowing what goes on or what is there. Why are armed guards on a public road coming over as soon as you get close to tell you to turn around and leave the area?

If mermaids aren't real, then how did the Titanic sink, huh? Or what about Narnia? Are you gonna tell me that the actresses playing the mermaids were faking it? Yeah that's right, walk away.

Don't take this the wrong way, but you really have no way to prove him wrong. Why couldn't mermaids exist? Have a little faith man.

Because if they were real they'd have gills, not lungs, and thus couldn't talk or sing or kiss people. In other words, ironically, if mermaids ARE real than 100% of mermaid stories are fake.

#45, Fish have lungs retard, they use gills to get the air from the water....and who said mermaids dont have gills? Smh

45 you obviously never watched the documentary. They use sound wave lengths like whales, not talk and sing like humans and wear seashells as bras...

saIty 17

I don't know your dad might be right. I'm pretty sure Dinkleburg is a merman.