By Wutdafuqq - 23/02/2015 20:18 - Canada - Kanata

Today, a woman yelled at me for holding a door open for her. FML
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She closed the door on her and the OP possibly being friends.

She probably thought, "This man/woman thinks I can't open a damn door myself." Independence Day.

And here we observe a tumblr feminist in its natural habitat.

I'm a guy and I enjoy when people hold a door for me. It means less work so why not. Feminists just have to find a way to complain so they can maintain their victim complex.

That's when you let go of the door and let it slam in her face.

Only that such a reaction would be normal in this case, so actually you react quite good

That's what we get for being nice these days smh...

emile_heskey 11

One of the few puns that deserves a like

That pun was awful. You need to get your head slammed in a doorframe until your dead as a door nail. I'll go home and feel ashamed about this comment now...

You have just experienced the natural responses of a woman

hazukilockheart 13

and the ladies wonder why men never act like a gentleman anymore.

InfiniteSecret 20

You don't know that it isn't a woman who the OP held the door open for.

Not everyone's going to behave the way we hope OP. The best choice is to forget about it and move on.

You can't even be chivalrous or even nice with out getting yelled out now a days. Some one is always getting offended . Regardless you were doing a nice thing.