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Today, at my all-night senior party, I was talking to the blind girl who I haven't had classes with since 9th grade. I unthinkingly opened the conversation with "Nice to see you again." FML
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He totally blindsided her with that one. She probably didn't see that coming. I hope that she can see that it was just a mistake.

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Was her response "Nice to feel you again too" ?...

Well... I hope they don't bring out fml and their comments in Braille...

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70, there are adaptive programs and such like that so that blind can use a computer. And if that girl is using it for FML, well.... I'm sure you can see where this is going.

How did #22 get down-voted to this extent? It was a joke in keeping with the theme of the humour, and it gets hidden. You feel like you need to wave around your university degrees as critics of online witticism or something? Jeez.

I work for a retirement home, and I often receive books about people with disabilities. It says that blind people don't often care if someone mentions the word 'see'. It's just vocabulary.

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Tell her it was a mistake hopefully she'll understand

I honestly don't even think she would've noticed or cared that he said that. This is more of an example of someone getting all uncomfortable and sensitive around someone who's different. It's almost the same as using the word "nutcase" around someone with a peanut allergy.

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Eye totally understand this situation

3, I agree. It's a common phrase most people use and if she gets offended by any sight related comments than she is in for a rough ride.

and to be honest, i dont see why op cant say that. its not like the blind person has to reply the same, they can change up their wording to like "and its nice to talk to you again" or something. op shouldnt feel ashamed of being able to see, as long as their respectful

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I'm sure she didn't, either

Well it's not like it could have been foreseen.

It must have been quite the sight.

It shouldn't be awkward, unless you make it awkward. I mean yeah FYL, but it's a common conversation starter, and by the looks of it you really haven't seen her in a while so, I'm sure she will understand what you meant.

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OP hasn't seen her in a while? Yeah, I bet she hasn't seen OP in a while either.

I agree. It's a common thing to say, and blind people aren't that sensitive. Talk to them like you would anyone else. They're still people. I'm disabled myself. I'm bothered more when people tiptoe around it.

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Exactly. I have a blind colleague, and I was always careful about saying phrases that had some sort of reference of vision - but she would see me and say, "Nice to see you!" and I realized it was ok. It's really just a phrase and I think most people probably get that, unless they're super sensitive or something.

Ops, correction: Nice to FEEL you again.

Okay cool, common thread-jacker #19 gets all the love, minutes after I posted.

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Well, honestly, there aren't many other things to say. "Nice to encounter you again" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue

Maybe she's glad you're talking to her like you would any other person, rather than tiptoeing around her disability? Hardly a sure thing, but it's entirely possible.

I've found that most people with disabilities prefer if you just ignore their disability and treat them like you would anyone else. OP shouldn't feel awkward about it, and the girl is not likely to write her own FML about it: "Today, a guy I haven't talked to for years walked up to me and treated me like a normal person instead of a freak even though I am blind, FML."

I'm not sure why she would have an FML if she can't see..

There are multiple ways for someone to enjoy the wonderful world of FML without being able to see. Braille displays, text to speech and speech recognition software, or just a friend to read and write for you. Having a disability doesn't mean you can't do things, just that you have to think of alternative ways of doing them.

I have a cousin who's blind and she's always on Facebook. I'm not sure how she does it, but if she can figure out that, I have no doubt she could find a way to use FML if she wanted to.

you do realise, these days that there are braille keyboards and various programs that allow the blind the use of just about any technology. And maybe you should do your research before commenting

I'm sure she'd understand. If she's been blind all her life then she will have experienced comments like that for a long time and will probably just laugh it off.