By ChickenBallsPlease - 28/01/2014 11:16 - United Kingdom - King's Lynn

Today, I was eating at a Chinese restaurant, when I stopped the waitress to tell her that even though I am of Chinese heritage, I can't understand a word of Chinese. After an awkward silence, she told me she was actually speaking English. FML
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Apparently you can't understand English either. Did you have to use a translator for this FML?


Aky0n 10

what made you think she only spoke chinese?

I'm sure OPs waitress probably had an accent and it must been hard to understand her.

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OP got confused when the waitress told her their daily special, the Cream of SumYungGuy.

jazzy_123 20

hey people make mistakes! I once heard a joke about a waitress asking a man "soup or salad?" but he thought she was saying "super salad" so he kept saying yes... ever since then I think waiters ask me "super salad" and I feel really dumb haha

At least OP understood the second sentence!

I wish I could vote this up multiple times...

36, that wasn't a joke I'm pretty sure that was a 2013 FML maybe early 2013. Either way I remember seeing it as an FML

71, the Super salad thing IS a joke. I heard it a LONG time ago and it made me think of the same thing when ever I was asked "soup or salad?“ I'm pretty sure it was an FML too.

jazzy_123 20

See I knew it! Thank you 73 for backing me up! x)

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rg350dx 29

Wow. That's not very nice. You don't even know me.

Not understanding someone who more than likely has a thick accent does not make you "dumb".

colton_colton 49

How is her not understanding an accent being dumb?

I'm guessing not, since she understood when she was told that it was English that was being spoken. :')

I'm from New Zealand. 1/3 of out population in Auckland City are Chinese. I've been around them all my life. There's never an accent in Chinese too hard to understand. One just has to listen intently and ask the speaker to slow down. It's the fault with many foreign people; once they think they know the words, they try to speak faster! But if they slow down, they're much easier to comprehend - even with grammatical and pronunciation mistakes.

Apparently you can't understand English either. Did you have to use a translator for this FML?

Well maybe the waitress just had an awful accent. It happens, and it's not really anybody's fault.

heyyyaubrey 9

have you really never heard a chinese person with an extremely thick accent?

#17: I have heard thick accents from all different nationalities, including Chinese-born professors and bosses.

If you listen you can understand them through the accent...

i've never heard of an extremely thick Chinese person with an accent!

JMichael 25

How could you not know she was speaking English?

"Hello" "Ai taek ordah nao?" "I'm sorry, I don't speak any Chinese."

colton_colton 49

Some people just have really heavy accents!

Sometimes you can't undastahn da ordaee datee izzzz givvehhnn

Don't worry, the same thing happened to me in Heathrow. Accents are the bane of travelers.

The same thing happened to me in Peru! There were these two gorgeous Peruvian men who approached me as I was hiking up a mountain and began speaking to me. I said, "I'm sorry. I don't speak English. One of them replied, "I know. We're speaking English." All I could do was say, "Uh.... Bye!" and run away in embarrassment.

#39 what? You told them you don't speak English, and they were speaking English. What's the problem?

Ha ha! Oops! I meant "I don't speak Spanish." See? I'm just a breathing awkward moment.

Red Forman called, I think you know what he had to say. And stop having your calls forwarded here.

I'm wondering how you could make that mistake. Did she have a strong accent?

colton_colton 49

How else would she make that mistake?

RedPillSucks 31

Common mistake. Racial heritage and language don't have to correlate. I've got lots of Brazilian friends who are of Chinese heritage and speak fluent portuguese, spanish and english, but no chinese and wouldn't know what to do with chopsticks.