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Today, I went to the doctor to get a blood test and I started crying when I saw the needle. I planned on becoming a doctor. FML
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Close your eyes every time you put a needle in someone's arm. What could possibly go wrong?


Op it's actually not unusual to be a doctor and have a fear of needles. My dad is a very successful family practitioner and he absolutely hates needles. He never administers shots (he has his nurses do those) and has refused to get a flu shot every year.

Doctors actually *usually* never do the shots themselves - TV shows make you think they do, but almost 99.99% of the time, its nurses handling the needles, so I think OP should be fine

As a nurse, I can tell you that we give most of the shots.

To be any kind of doctor you still have to get through med school. You still have to learn to do shots and all that good stuff.

That's not so bad. I can handle seeing people with huge cuts and horrible wounds, but if I see one I me, I almost pass out. So it's just your nerves for your body.

Klutz44 is right. You do give shots as a student and as an intern/resident. You also draw blood, go into surgeries, and practice phlebotomy on each other. Good news though: phobias can be easily treated with therapy. Good luck!

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Treated, yes. Although I wouldn't consider therapeutic treatment of a severe phobia (assuming OP's phobia in this case is severe) "easy".

Don't give up your dream for small problems. Here's a bridge, now get over it.

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Being a doctor means OP will be around this stuff all the time. It's not something you can just "get over."

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My mom got over fainting at the sight of blood, she works in surgery now...

There is a difference between poking someone with a needle and being poked by one. You can still become a doctor while disliking needles.

44 is right. Sounds weird, but when you give injections, you concentrate on the patient more than yourself. I can give them, but still hate to watch others do it.

Doc Martin is an English TV show about a haemophobic doctor. You can be one, and you could even get an American TV show about it! Or a movie. Awards shows love that "based on a true story" crap.

These reactions become less intense with practice and time. Good luck!

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I also plan on becoming a doctor and in the 5th grade we learned about hearts and veins and the cardiovascular and respiratory system and it made me all queezy at first but I got over it.

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Well we sure know he isn't a English teacher.

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I'm 14 of course I'm not a doctor.When I say I got over it I mean it doesn't bother me anymore.

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Lol at 31.My grammar is terrible.

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Lol at 31, *an English teacher.

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It's okay, OP. I have a terrible fear of needles too (which makes it even odder, because I was fine as a kid and gladly went to the doctor for flu shots and such. No clue on when that changed!)

For me, depends on the needle. Injections bother me zero (I have to go for one every three months). I LOATHE blood tests. I have an autoimmune condition and absolutely terrible veins - I tell the phlebotomists to use a small needle and hit my hand, they take it as some kind of challenge and end up blowing all of my veins. Last time I was in the hospital, I lost my IV seven times in a week. Ugh! As long as the needles stay out of the veins, I'm good.

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I'm a phlebotomist myself. I have terrible little veins that like to roll. While I was In school we practiced sticking each other. Twice a week for about 3 months. So I understand your pain. Especially since the people who were sticking me were only learning!

Now you know not to be a phlebotomist. Maybe go for a doctorate in psychology instead. Then you'll learn how to help other people with fear of needles.

Close your eyes every time you put a needle in someone's arm. What could possibly go wrong?

You could miss. When you put a needle in someone's arm, you have to make sure there is no blood return. An IM injection could end up being IV. So......eyes open.

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It could go seriously (but hilariously) wrong.

Well this thread is just full of jokesters, isn't it?? *sarcasm*

The replies have more thumb downs combined than HowieDolt has thumb ups.

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I actually canulate myself for dialysis and am considered legally blind. You find the vessel by feeling for the pulse and the "roll" with the vein. Have any of you other commenters actually canulated anyone before?

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Ever try to hit a vein on a Husky or a Cocker Spaniel? You don't need to see the vein, just feel it. Also, it doesn't bother me in the least to give a shot or draw blood, but I'm a total wuss when I'm on the recieving end.

I find # 20's picture very ironic in relation to his comment. On a side note: keep doing thing HowieDoIt, that's another thumb up from me :) .

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Couldn't OP just make the nurse do it?

There is nothing to fear but needles themselves. .

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