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Today, I was going to my prom. My mom knows I want to drink so to prevent me, she made sure I took my prescription medicine before I left. I guess her way of stopping me from drinking is killing myself If I do. FML
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OP is quite the opposite of "coolkid"

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It was an enema. Too bad, crap of death.

how is this stupid, his mom is ******* crazy

If it's anti-depressants, it won't kill you. Just get you more drunk 8 times faster. That's all.

your obviously not old enough to drink, so don't!

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Man that sucks. It's prom. You should be drinkin

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Said who? You dont need to drink to have a good time.

No, she just doesn't want her child to drink while underage

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Just because it's prom doesn't mean you have to drink. You can have a good time without drinking.

some people just enjoy drinking. when done in moderation I don't see anything wrong with that.

I never said that there was anything wrong with drinking. I just said people don't have to drink to have fun.

don't worry OP, ur meds will get u extra ****** up and it'll be twice as fun.

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^ win Just drink and tell your mom it was the meds that made you feel that way. Blame it on the meds not the liquor. Think about it.

unless they're on those antibiotics that make you puke if you drink

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I want some of those. it would be hilarious to drop those in my friends drinks. XD

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You guys don't really understand the medicine. It reacts with alcohol, making a heavy poison and killing you. A glass of beer can throw you unconscious and put you in hospital. Not fun.

@80 what medicine are you talking about exactly? There is more than just one, and majority can be consumed with alcohol.

Just so you people know, drinking while taking medication will not mean instant death. The major interaction is alcohol and other depressants having an additive effect. Other medications will make you very nauseated if you drink, including metronidazole and Antabuse.

It's mentioned in the OP that it'll kill him if he drinks. OP should have standed up to his mom and not take the medicine.

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You could have still drank a little. Most medicines with a little alcohol will not make an instant kill. I've never heard of any with that effect. It might just upset your stomach little. And OP could have just stuck it under her tongue and then spit it out when her mom wasn't looking. Easily avoided

30, **** that cotton mouth, though. I think the main goal is to get some on prom & that shit can be a hassle.

My medicine can land me in hospital, and has before. However, that was in the early days before I figured out how much I could drink with my meds. Uh, also, the point of balls and proms are to get messy with your friends. Right of passage for young people. Sure you can have fun being sober but you will have more fun being maggot

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I wonder if you guys realize that if OP's going to prom, it's probably illegal to drink.

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Interesting 133, I thought the point of prom was to create memories with your friends that you'll cherish beyond high school. Not go out and get illegally wasted and risk alcohol poisoning. Drinking underage doesn't make you cool and it's dangerous.

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lol Ikr 142 I can't believe ur the first person to say it

80: I was thinking that it's a medication that, when mixed with alcohol, it can cause suicidal thoughts.

idk about u guys but I don't have fun sober although I've never gotten drunk I go to social things high so I can actually enjoy it

149 drinking underage is no more dangerous then drinking overage

@166: no, i'm ... i'm pretty sure it is. let me check with my common sense for a moment ... ... ... yeah, it definitely is.

80 - there is no medication in existence that, when mixed with one beer, will render you unconscious. It doesn't exist. Antabuse will make you very nauseated if you drink while taking it, but it won't kill you.

You obviously haven't been to Australian balls or ball afters. Besides, in Australia, the people going to balls are either a year from being of age or of age. So drinking is pretty common. It's not about getting so drunk you're vomiting, just about being silly.

how is drinking at age 18 dangerous? common sense not so common?

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No it doesnt im a med student this is completely over exaggerated

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*Stood..... Not standed. Come on now.

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Even when you're underage? I don't think so. It's fine when you're older and responsible enough.

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Exactly. People underage a aren't responsible enough to handle drinking. I know I'm not.

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There are prescriptions medicines that you can't mix with alcohol. So to prevent her daughter from drinking she made her take the prescription medicine.

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Your mom knows what happens during prom nights. Her way of preventing you from drinking isn't the best though.

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Your mom is a boss. Also, don't drive or operate machinery until you know how you react to that drug...DUH, loser.

Oh yeah. "Let's go and drink alcohol which isn't supposed to be mixed with my medication. It will probably kill me, but at least it will teach my stupid mom a lesson to not be so bossy about me drinking underage just because she cares and wants the best for me." Idiot.

85, I just laughed so hard at your comment, milk came out of my nose. lolololololol

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well you know it says that but I'm still alive. it increases the effect of the medicine so if it's for a minor illness or something like that it wouldn't kill you to drink one or two. just don't overdo it.

look when you were a kid didn't you ever go drinking underage I did it

I think anonymous was just kidding when they said that, no need to go thru a whole rant just calm down.

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Or, if you read the post before it, he was clarifying for the person that didn't get it, bit don't let the facts get in the way dumbass.

what is up with all the people on this site who don't understand the difference between posting a comment on the fml and replying to someone? sheesh >.>

she sure made sure you don't drink

is your prom date that bad that you don't think you can manage to go a whole night without drinking? seriously boo ******* hoo, you're underage anyway.

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Exactly my thoughts. You can't have a good prom without drinking? Don't go. You're barely, if even, 18 years old. I don't know if you know this, but the legal age in NY is the same as in the rest of the US: 21. i don't care how many of you drink before 21, nor about alcohol not being bad; the fact is that a high school senior is too young to legally drink. You don't wanna die from mixing your meds with alcohol? Don't ******* drink. Your mom's not trying to kill you, she's keeping you from being an idiot in a foolproof way. Now, if you're stupid enough to drink, knowing the dangers of mixing alcohol and your medication.. Congrats on your future Darwin Award-- It'll be well deserved.

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33, the other commenters need to read you... Seriously.

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I couldn't have said it better myself :)

Definitely a Darwin award winner waiting to happen.

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Where im from the legal age is 18 and if people want to drink at their proms i think its perfectly acceptable as bad as it sounds they will probably enjoy themselves more

@33 Personnally, I think that this whole over-age/under-age debate is way overrated. In most of the US it's illegal to drink till your 21. In most of Europe you have to be 18 at the least. Up until last year a 16-year-old could legally purchase hard liquor in my homecountry. It's not so much about the age, as it is about responsibility. Every nation has its idiots and they're not confined to a certain age group. Just as there are 14-year-olds who drink themselves into a coma, there also are 16-year-olds who drink with more responsibility than a few 30-year-olds. Really, you can change the law any way you want, in the end it depends on the person.

Well it worked. Don't be so damn stupid and underage drink