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Today, I met my fiancé's much older sister for the first time. Turns out she is actually my old high school English teacher who used to make me cry at least 3 times a week. It's been three hours and I've accidentally called her Miss Willow 4 times and been reduced to tears twice. FML
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What kind of things would she do to you to make you cry 3 times a week!?


I feel really bad for OP, I hope things get better...

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im really curious. what does she do to make you cry?

She doesn't make me cry, she makes OP cry

What kind of things would she do to you to make you cry 3 times a week!?

The memories of what OP's ex-teacher did to them could be too much for OP

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Unless you've experienced what it's like to be singled out, bullied and regularly humiliated in front of your entire class by a teacher for no reason other than that she simply didn't like you, you probably won't understand just how difficult, or emotionally draining it is being forced into a social setting with them, even years later. Every wrong move would have been ammunition for this woman, so your mistakes justified her nastiness (in my experience going to the school administration doesn't help if you had actually done something wrong each time you were picked on, no matter how slight it would be justification enough for the school not to act). And now? I imagine a few well placed but subtly awkward questions, sarcastic comments and snide remarks in front of a family you want to impress but aren't yet comfortable with would be more than enough to upset you.

#34, nice to know that you never had a teacher that berated you every chance they got. I did in second grade, and she would tell me constantly that I was too stupid to finish HS, or get my GED and told me to drop out. But hey, according to your logic I must have been a little bitch. BTW, I did finish HS with my IED and GED. Not to mention I graduated from two trade schools

#34 same with #38. As soon as I read this FML I got flashbacks to the 7th grade when my teacher would tell me to drop out or would go in front of the class and tell them all to speak very slowly to me so I could understand them (implying I was mentally disabled, which I'm not). I think you underestimate how shitty teachers can be and how that can really impact how a student acts or thinks.

I've experienced my English teacher calling me out on everything. my ex had her the year after me and it was to the point my ex wouldn't let me walk her to the class anymore. you know what I did? didn't give her any satisfaction and never wanted to cry. I became the biggest smart ass and distraction in the class and had a guy who's like me do the same and we made her class hell every time for trying to be a bitch to us. she even tried to have me removed from the class but she didn't have the grounds too because even if I pissed her off I wasn't outright breaking any rules. don't let people get to you and you don't have as much an issue

Mine made fun of the muscle tremors in my hands and would call me fat and lazy when I missed school due to medical issues. She also made fun of my stuffer. She made fun of me because I have a hard time reading out loud. It got to me point that my English teacher made fun of me to all of her classes and to a few of my other teachers.

Glad that approach worked for you! In the end some of my other teachers went to my mom who very politely told the teacher that it was completely cool if she didn't like me, but if she made fun of my medical problems and berated me to tears again that she (my mom) would take legal action.

Most of my english teachers were sociopaths, its probably more than likely a common trait

Sorry for being harsh... But this everybody gets a trophy generation is everything that's wrong with America. Kids aren't disciplined, the losers get trophies, and they aren't held accountable for their actions. They are told from a young age that they are a beautiful and unique snowflake, and you can't tell them otherwise. At some point you have to learn that life is hard and learn to deal with criticism, your dick bag of a boss, or an asshole teacher. Stand up for yourself.

#79, so you're fine with your childs teacher calling them retarded, telling them that they are too stupid to be in school, and that they are better off dropping out? Especially in Elementary school?

There's a HUGE difference between a 2nd grader and a high schooler. A high schooler can stand up for themselves, an 8yr old? Not so much. And I'm not ok with a teacher saying that to a student at any age... But in high school, you can bring your problems to the attention of an authority figure in the school. You don't just sit there, cry, and feel sorry for yourself. Getting ridiculed doesn't make you a bitch... Not doing anything about it does. Sitting and crying about it instead of doing something about it does.

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This fml reminded me of my grade 11 math teacher. She absolutely hated me for no reason at all. The worst was I failed her class and had to take it again with her. She was worse the second time around. She would time my bathroom visits. Always call on me and the first day told everyone I failed. She even forgot to give me my homework before a trip which would have set me way back. The worst was when she noticed a hicky on my neck. She asked me what it was and I lied saying I burnt myself. She then proceeded to, as loudly as she could, say "omg that is so gross. Is that a hicky? Ooh it is isn't it. That is soo gross. What is wrong with you. Ugh that is discusting." Never have I been more humiliated in my life. I understand how you feel OP. Try your best to stay strong and not let her see you break. I truly hope things get better for you.

There's a limit to what a kid can do to stand up to a teacher. Plus, if you have a stutter and you try and stand up for yourself? Teacher just makes fun of you worse, "W-w-wh-at's wrong, Catherine? Sp-sp-spit it out before we all die of old age." Now sure I'd just tell the old harpy to go suck a dick but in high school? Nah, she'd have just made my life 10x worse.

As I said... Authority figure such as a principal, guidance counselor, school security officer, etc. there are plenty of options. Even a parent would work if you had to. Sitting and crying about it isn't gonna fix anything.

I literally can't help if I cry. You have no idea how hard I try not to, because it's humiliating and I can't stand it. Yet I can't stop it. Almost like its a natural bodily function or something.

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#86, I guess you were lucky enough to attend a school where the teachers weren't banded together against the student body. At my high school the principal, counselors, everyone on staff had each other's backs, so the cruel teachers could do whatever they wanted without consequences. And unfortunately a lot of parents don't care and think their kid is being "a little bitch" when they go to them with problems. Sometimes there really isn't a simple solution.

I did tell authority figures. My mom was informed the school administration was informed. Know what the school did? A strongly worded letter was placed in her file and it was recommended that I try to avoid her. I was extremely lucky because my mom and a few other teachers had my back. A bunch of other kids didn't have that kind of support and so continued to get made fun of. Honestly my mom and dad's reputations were what really made the bitch back down. Schools aren't always willing to back students against their teachers. And what exactly is a kid gonna do, assault the teacher?

I once had a science teacher that would cause me to have breakdowns on an almost daily basis. The school councilors got to know me pretty well during that time. I feel for you, OP.

79- I had two teachers in high school who hated me, but rather than openly tormenting me in class they both decided to go the passive aggressive route and try to purposely fail me by lying to me about what was required to pass the class and saying they never received assignments that I knew I had definitely handed in. And then of course my mom got mad at me for my super low grades in those two classes. And yes, I did go to the principal, but with no witnesses it was my word against theirs whether they had lied to me or I was just a slacker. They said there was nothing they could do. So no, you can't always just go to the admin or principal. As other people have said, they rarely do anything about it. And it doesn't make you a little bitch if you don't go to admin. If you or people you know have tried before in other situations and it didn't help at all then why would you bother wasting your time trying again if you already think you know the results. Or maybe you just don't know what to do or who to go to. It's really hard to think straight in an emotional situation. But no matter what, the important thing is that it's never your fault that you're being bullied, especially by an authority figure, and no one is a little bitch no matter how they deal with it. Don't judge if you haven't been there. And as for being told we're all beautiful snowflakes or whatever, my first grade teacher would slam her fist on my desk and yell at me for talking, even if other kids were also making noise. Even the time the girl next to me asked me a question about the worksheet we were doing, the teacher slammed her fist down and yelled at me for answering. She also refused to let me use the bathroom, ever, and I peed myself every day for a week before they finally switched me into the other first grade class. But to this day, in my third year of university, I have never used the bathroom while at school and I can count on one hand the number of times I have willingly spoken in any class. That teacher scarred me for life. So maybe it's a good thing sometimes to be told you're a beautiful snowflake when you're young. It sets you up to have confidence and believe in yourself, and that's not a bad thing. It's a hell of a lot better than being set up to believe that you should never speak in class, ever, for any reason, or that using the bathroom will get you in trouble. So maybe you should take a look at the other side of things before you go spouting off bullshit like telling kids they're special is what's wrong with the world. I think it's assholes like you who are what's wrong with the world.

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I had a history teacher who everyone one would grade by how much she liked you. She actually had taught my father too. I failed her class for two years and instantly passed once she retired. She would yell at me when ever I got the hiccups and would make a huge seen. If she didn't like you and forgot to bring something to her class..she wouldn't believe you and dump your bag on the floor. My art teacher was worse though. She also taught my father and loved him but hated me from the beginning. I first had her when I was in Kindergarten (she used to teach elementary through high school). My first day in her class she yelled at me for something I wasn't even doing, and humiliated me as all the kids laughed (this was my first experience feeling called out like that and it honestly stuck to me) luckily the school hired a new teacher for the elementary but I had her again when I was in 7th grade. She let into me right away, the whole class would be talking and she would single me out every single time. She would fail your projects for any reason she wanted. She failed me all the time because I was talking, even though the rest of the class was. The one time I didn't talk, she failed me for not using enough color. It was a spirit week poster and I used the school colors...apparently it wasn't what she wanted. I'm an amazing artist and my parents were calling the school for her failing me, but unfortunately their wasn't anything they could do. She took any and every opportunity to call me out and humiliate me...she honestly kick started my depression. Thought I wasn't good enough for anything. Sorry for the rant..everyone was sharing their stories and I just had two evil teachers. It's sad that they seem to get such satisfaction targeting the outcasts...I'm so glad high school is over

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Damn, I failed big time typing that. Surprised my English teacher didn't fail me too haha. Scene* there*…I hate typing on this thing.

I can honestly say I had a teacher in high school that tribe a blind eye to the other students kicking the desk out from under me while I was standing on it to turn on the overhead per his request, and when I tried to defend myself as if fell from the desk toppling over threatened to not only turn a blind eye and let them jump me but then not report it and if I did he'd blame it on me. Only way I survived that class was convincing him if he failed me I had enough pull that I would ensure he was stuck with me next year in the middle of class his pudgy face was red and fuming and the rest of the class was laughing his ass off at the situation but I never had to deal with that asshole again, the next year he was let go for finally discovering he wasn't qualified to teach the class he was teaching

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I had a teacher (AP English double period class that I didn't need, and was asked to take because of my grades) who would find every excuse to make fun of me and it was terrible. She literally reduced me to tears at least once every week and made those comments in front of the whole class. It wasn't even about my school grades or work, but about me as a person. She was a bully. It got so bad that I went to the department head to drop the class. I was getting an A in the class, and she said I'd get an F of I dropped it...I didn't even want a grade. I just wanted to drop it, but an F would have been terrible, especially since I earned an A. I had to stick through it, but that was the worst year of my entire school education. I still got an A, but it didn't feel worth it. I'm sure if I saw her again, I'd feel the old feelings again. I wouldn't have stuck around for a second dose though.

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I'm so sorry, OP... I hope things get better...

^ the universal comment that can get likes on almost every FML.

Not everything is about getting likes. Don't be rude

hopefully you won't see her much... good luck op

Since they got engaged before she even met the SIL from hell, I guess the siblings don't have that much daily life contact anyways. OP just has to avoid bigger family meetings.

A wedding is one long big family meeting.

Well, they could always elope. If I was in that situation, I would.

don't invite her... it's your day and you can choose who can and can't come... just talk to your fiánce about it

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she may not have been horrible, she may have been tough or mean

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you're not going to marry her family, you're marrying your fiance. just be civil around her sister.

When you marry someone you do marry their family. Marrying someone means you become part of their family and they become a part of yours.

but the individual's family should not represent who your marrying, that would be unfair.

This is true, otherwise by brother is never marrying. As the rest of my family are arseholes, me included.

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It's the sister that needs to be civil, not OP.

I think this needs a follow up. Hopefully you won't see her much. If she's bullied you so badly you should talk to your fiancé about it.

I had a chemistry teacher who was so terrible. She use to single me out of the rest of the class cause I was the most innocent one. It got to the point my father had to step in and get her to leave me the hell alone. I'm sorry you had to go through that all over again op

I know, worst part was she screamed at me for ever little thing, she really needed counciling

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Not sure why you're getting buried. Crying twice within 3 hours is pretty pathetic for someone as old as OP (assuming she's not getting married at the age of 12).

You 3 are just assholes who are too insensitive and probably think of yourself as too masculine to cry. You may not relate but be mindful and considerate of other peoples situation.

Actually I have to agree with them. I had some horrible teachers that called me every name under the sun. One even stopped me from taking her food class because I was fat. Now when I see them I'm polite when I remind them I earn more than them. Stop crying and be a adult.

Why do people think you can magically control body reactions and emotions? To keep myself from crying I have to bite my lip as hard I can, twist my fingers, something that causes pain. Just to keep from crying. Which is better, almost breaking your fingers or crying?

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@68 "Sometimes in my tears I drown But I never let it get me down"

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Awkward stuff man. As difficult it will be the best thing to do is talk with her & gradually build up a relationship. Who knows maybe you guys will get along in the end.