By DaoOfPow - 23/05/2015 07:51 - United States - Danbury

Today, my mom told me I'm the reason she's going to kill herself one day. FML
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lexiieeex3 32

Eh, my mom usually says stuff like that as a joke or out of exasperation. I doubt she truly meant it to hurt OP but if she did then yes, that's one bad mom.

My mum often tells me how she wish she didn't have me, how I ruined her life, etc. I just ignore her now because she'll say something different every time. I'm the youngest and I was planned so it's not like I was a surprise. It does kinda hurt though.

I'm sorry that she says those things to you. That is awful, especially coming from a mother, imo. Even if they truly felt that way - which is horrible enough - there are just some things that people need to keep to themselves.

Tell her to get good life insurance before .

could be wrong, but I don't think insurance pays if it was a suicide.

JustinJK 21

That's a common myth. Life insurance usually does cover suicide, but most have a time period of a few years. if you kill yourself within like 2 or 3 years it's void. if you've had the policy for a few years it usually extends to suicide.

I really hope she was kidding, if not you should talk to her about getting help.

Would it even make it better if it was a joke?

A real mother would not say that to her child. Don't take what she said seriously OP, my mom said similar things to me. Do not take what she said seriously.

Sad how if you're an FML reader, you can't tell if the OP is an asshole to his/her mom/dad or if the OP's mom/dad is an asshole to them...

I'm an exceptional guy I'm not typically mean but sometimes I am. She was pissed off at someone and took her stress out on me, she apologized for it actually.

Call her a therapist to see if you can help her

Or maybe op is not a good daughter / son

afallingstar 22

As a parent I can't imagine saying that, even as a joke.