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Today, my dad gave me a promise ring on my one-year anniversary with my boyfriend and made me swear I would wait until marriage. Four hours later, he walked in on us having sex in my bedroom. FML
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why do parents think a ring will convince their dear daughter to keep her leg closed? it never works.

And that is why you don't do it in your parents' house.


why do parents think a ring will convince their dear daughter to keep her leg closed? it never works.

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peithecelt 28

here's the thing, I can respect your faith, but not agree it is a realistic plan. it is obvious that the OP did not want to wait (or she would have). her father's attempt to force her to make a decision with a promise ring is what is laughable, each person has to make the choice of waiting (or not) for themselves. forced promises will never work and ARE a laughable idea.

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wtf they wanna have sex cus its awesome, not to diss the church

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WTF? When my parents did that I didn't either. Don't let them fool you.

198, sex is good, but it's sole purpose is not for enjoyment. it is to procreate and unite as one flesh with your spouse and that person only

zackk5 0

and FYI nobody has to respect the church if it's not in their beliefs. I'm sick of you people pushing opinions and beliefs on other people

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you don't buy a car without taking a test drive first do you? lol

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206- I'm a Christian and I agree with you. however there are times when parents force their children into lying. this possibly being the case. A promise ring is only as good as the person wearing it. And for those who aren't Christian it's fairly understandable that they would wish to enjoy the pleasures of sex before marriage.

if sex is holy then every animal is a saint. waiting till marriage is just a form of population control. To "believe" otherwise is ignorant

If you love someone enough you can wait, and you shouldn't have sex if you dont love the person enough to stay with them forever.

evperry 2

what the **** gives you the right to say that? all that does is force people to marry and more defile your aryan religion

Eggers 2

206-where in the bible does it say it isn't okay to have sex simply to enjoy it? (within a marriage ofcorse)

I don't understand the whole 'no sex before marriage' thing, I genuinely don't. I don't have a problem with people enjoying sex with someone else who feels the same way, from a one-night stand to a married couple; sex is meant to be enjoyed. I don't however have any patience at all for people who use sex to hurt others (from cheating to rape and child abuse) and I think in this day and age it is absolutely despicable and inexcusable to get pregnant when you do not want a child or cannot support it or yourself. Other than that, I don't see why it should matter if you have sex. It's a basic element of nature which is meant to be enjoyed, there's no need to surround it with stigma and rules. You wouldn't do that with any other fundamental natural instinct, like eating or whatever. :)

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unhealthy love in Jesus I think so^^

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#197 go take your wait til marriage shit somewhere else you ******* bible humper.

they should make the ring to fit around the legs!(;

I think all you church obsessed retards can jump off a bridge. it's ass hats like you that are keeping us from using stem cells to cure things like diabetes. (which I have) **** OFF

So you would like to kill children just so you can eat sugar? That's beyond immoral, asshole. And even if they could figure out how to do it, do you think you could afford the treatment? Doubt it.

TheBitchOfChuckN 7

Well, it's symbolic. While I admit is is kinda stupid, Parents these days still expect their children to be "Sweet Little Angels".

If my parents asked me and gave me one, I'd keep the promise. She can do what she wants but she shouldn't have lied like that

I feel no sympathy for kids when they get caught having sex in their parents homes. When I was in school we got creative, only the smart ones were able to have sex ;-)

Like in scary movie were the dad puts a electric fence around the girls legs.

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yknow it's people who are brought up in the 'abstinence is great' environment who get more STDs than those who arent. they aren't taught about proper contraception so when they do have sex it's usually unsafe.

And that is why you don't do it in your parents' house.

Brianna_Ray 23

Maybe it didn't have a lock. When I lived with my mother my bedroom didn't have a lock. Anyways OP, when I lived with my mother and my boyfriend started coming over, we discussed if sex was allowed in the house or not with my mother. I just found it respectful.

Now your Dad finally understand that ring would never work. Ask him -- did he wait till marriage too?

This is why you don't make a promise in the first place. You either do it or you don't. And that way your parents don't have any kind of ridiculous expectations of you.

agreed! if you didn't agree, you shouldn't have promised. sucks to be you!!

to clarify: I agree with #6, and I think that if the OP didn't agree with what the dad was asking she shouldn't have promised and accepted the ring.

dude, that sucksss. That's why you always do it at the guy's house, haha.

doesn't he know promises are meant to be broken? =D rather, he should have taught you " if you have sex before marriage, you'll get chlamydia! "

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Lol I think the smily faces that are made with and equals sign " =D " look like a tiny dick with no balls! Lol. :)

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uh....ok, i'm going to pretend that I never read your comment.

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