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Today, I was once again passed over for a promotion. I'm now the assistant to a kid who has failed to meet almost every single responsibility he's been given before. It's my job to make sure he's successful, and if he isn't, I'll lose my job. FML
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Talk to your boss about it. You could get a solution.

wlddog 14

Start looking for a new job. You are about to get fired.


That sucks. Maybe you should look for a job where your skills would be appreciated.

X_Codes 11

Oh, no... his skills are appreciated. He really did get the promotion... ...just not the new job title or the pay raise.

Talk to your boss about it. You could get a solution.

Agreed. You shouldn't let some incompetent and lazy arsehole be a threat to your employment.

Arsehole? I'm sorry but what is that?? So confused..... :(

dominic1221 6

If you look it up in a dictionary, there's a picture of you right beside it, you miserable troll.

British word for 'asshole'. Either learn quickly [google] or get off the interwebs.

24- what the **** did I do to you? Sorry for asking a question?....asshole 25-thanks

If OPs the assistant, doesn't that make the kid OPs boss? That wont help at all.

27, boss in this case refers to the big boss who promoted the kid to that position, not the OP's immediate boss.

36- thanks, i guess I misunderstood what was being said.

Sometimes it's not what you know but who you know, life's a bitch op, hope it gets better

mduffy08 8

24 - it's not there.

2, It sounds like nepotism got the kid the promotion. In which case, the original poster is in between a hard place and a rock. It happened all the time, at my last job.

99 - yeah that may be the case. My aunt works for a company like that and she hates it.

What I just learned, that when they hire family members, if one of them quits/is terminated, the kin will follow. But it really is annoying. Everyone bitched to me about it as if I had some sort of control over it.

Talk to your boss and see why you haven't got an promotion yet? But by the way at least you have a job :)

If he doesn't like it he should quit :) in all reality he has options if he isn't happy. But jobs are hard to come by, either he sucks it up, confront his boss, or quit. That's all, but he should be grateful he has a job though.

Those are all shitty options if you haven't noticed...

I ********** to furry ****

20, No, he should be happy and consider himself fortunate for having a job when others don't. He should not however be grateful, as clearly he is being taken for granted and having his skills abused. People shouldn't be grateful to those who **** them over just because there are others in a worse situation. FYL, now give up on this wreck of a business and start looking for work somewhere that you will be appreciated. When you find said job, leave on good terms and don't look back. That way at least if things go south you may have something to fall back on. If they offer you a promotion or raise, decline it. You now know that no matter what happens the only way you can progress within this company is by threatening to leave. These people have nothing more to offer anyone.

It's life, nobody died, lost their job etc so why complain? Move on and keep working. As long as Op has a warm meal on the table and a roof over his head. Nobody is pointing a gun to Ops head and forcing him to work there... As my mother would say "stop complaining and do somthing about it." agreed :)

That logic is flat out stupid. Why not extend it out, it isn't the end of the world, so why complain? Oh I dunno, maybe because someone is being treated unfairly, and by complaining they are able to get different points of view and make decisions about how to best handle the situation. Unfortunately they also get idiotic comments like "you should be grateful" and "why complain?"

And by not complaining and doing something about it, OP should take 78's advice and look for another job. Yes, the job he has now pays the bills, but it shouldn't make him miserable. OP, my dad has a saying for this type of situation. Move up or move out. If you can't get the promotion, and they keep treating you like that, then keep working there only long enough to find a new job.

97, that's your opinion :) and I have mine :) that's what makes the world go round dear. If we all thought the same, it'll be a boring place... But we don't. I respect others views, even yours, everyone who voices their opinions because it's free speech and I love it :D you like to insult people, I don't. But that's you, because it's free speech and I like to see other stand for what they believe in, regardless if they agree with me or not, or insult to get their point across.

wlddog 14

Start looking for a new job. You are about to get fired.

TheDrifter 23

Chances are the kid is either part of, or married into the boss's family. As long as his failures are minor, op can work at keeping the moron under the radar for years.

Prostitution is always hiring

This kid doesn't have what I am assuming is the experience you do, but I am sure that he's not pulling the salary you are - even with his promotion. And yes - you are going to be fired or let go within 90 days. I'm sorry.

He's not pulling op's salary, he's pulling a ton more.

He shouldn't be your responsibility. But there has to be a way to at least improve him a little bit.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

OP have to "improve him" at all :/ OP should be the one getting the promotion. Not this kid that apparently doesn't do the job right.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Whoops, sorry. I meant "OP *shouldn't* have to improve him"

Doesn't that mean you're not doing your job then?

Or he's doing his job perfectly and his employer would rather keep him there than have to train a new person to do the job he already does flawlessly. Sucks, but it could be the case.

6- wow. figure out how to have a sense of humor before commenting.

Well if it is OP's job to make sure he doesn't fail, and he's failing, yes 6 is correct OP isn't doing his job but obviously 6 is joking around. YOU need a sense of humor, 61.

EnzaiFreak 1

You sound under appreciated op, I hope everything works out well for you:)

Blackmail111 9

And if it doesn't, this situation sounds like a good plot for a comedy movie, if you get my idea.

Sarah_moustache 9

Haha that's a great name, Op!

8- shut up wench!

40- you are so sweet. maybe you could take your own advice:)

I wonder why you said that lol

62- it wasn't advice. It was clearly a joke, because of OP's name.

jillianmathers12 13

You should talk to your boss. If you are watching him to make sure that he does his job, you should be his boss! See if you can switch titles

olpally 32

I take it your boss is a real "wenchfucker." I can't believe that would happen... That's total bullshit! I'd quit if I were you.. It's like the one dude from the previous FML that had to train and hire his new replacement... Bottom line: quit!