By Anonymous - 22/01/2010 18:33 - Sweden

Today, I found my mom throwing my very expensive and important medication down the toilet. She thought I was doing drugs. FML
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Wouldnt your mom know if you are on medication?

May I ask why your mom would throw out your meds without asking you first? Unless they are drugs hidden in Rx bottles in which case your mom just pwned your ass.


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Wouldnt your mom know if you are on medication?

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exactly. also, wouldn't it be in a clearly labeled container with all the info on it?

hmm you have some disease/infection you don't want your parents to know about? -curious-

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Unless you don't live at home, and you were visiting your mom (or your mom was visiting you)

FYL.. You have a stupid mum who doesn't know how to think properly.. haha.. XD

yeah.. labels should tell it's medication and not drugs.. his/her mom sucks

What #1 said. Oh and this as well: "I Sverige har vi ett högkostnadsskydd på förskriven medicin vilket innebär att du betalar högst 1 800 kronor under ett år för mediciner som ingår i högkostnadsskyddet. Överstigande kostnader betalar landstinget för." Loosely translated for all you non-swedes it essentially says that once you've paid 1800 SEK (roughly 250 US dollars at the moment) for 'prescription' medicine (and a few other articles) the "landsting" ( you live in will pay all your further medicinal expenses for the rest of the year. Now I have no idea what your view of expensive is, but in my opinion 1800 SEK/250 USD per year is FAAAR from a lot of money.

If you have to buy that twice in a row, it is a lot of money. Especially for some medicines

#86, you obviously weren't paying attention to #73, because they stated that you WOULDN'T have to pay "twice in a row" since their locality covers the cost the rest of the year. And #73, YDI for making such a long boring comment that most people wouldn't read, I'm not even sure why I did.

May I ask why your mom would throw out your meds without asking you first? Unless they are drugs hidden in Rx bottles in which case your mom just pwned your ass.

I'm PRETTY SURE op stated that the pills were medication. In which case I just pwned your ass (;

Surely your mum would know what medication you're taking, especially if it is "expensive and important". If she doesn't know about your "disease", then it's definitely worth telling her.

I took it that the OP does not live with his or her mother, and perhaps was embarrassed to tell her about the condition, or felt that it would clear up soon and was not worth worrying her over. I know that my own mother will practically have a panic attack, should I tell her about any health problems that I'm having. While I'm very open with my mother, I can easily imagine a man not being eager to discuss male-specific health problems with his mom. Like say, an enlarged prostate?

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What was the medicine and what was it for? *aware that I probably won't get an answer*

"very expensive and important medication". Yeah that didn't sound dodgy at all.

Hey, that white powder is important in keeping the OP's sinuses clear, and keeping him shit-faced, as they say. So what that he got it from some shady Sicilian guy in a back-alley; it's "important medication".

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It's important medicine man!!...the OP probably suffers from a lack of energy and ability to party to till 7 am. Now he will have to cure himself by snorting caffein pills and drinking 5 sparks. For Gods sake, show some compassion!!

This person may be an adult still living home with his/her mom.

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That's my assumption. And I don't ever tell my family when I'm sick. They're ridiculous worriers, the whole lot of them. If I were on medication that controlled the problem, I wouldn't tell them because they'd freak out even if it were something minor. I also assume the OP doesn't want to be pitied or babied for being somehow ill. As long as the OP was paying for them, and they were legal drugs, I say FYL indeed!

That makes the fact that the mom flushed the medication even more stupid. You'd think the mother of an adult would perhaps confront OP first about the drug issue before jumping to conclusions and disposing of them. OP should make the mom pay for the replacement.

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So? I lived with my parents for a year in my early 20s and still kept them up to date on my health. They're parents...unless there's some really screwed up relationship going on, they're going to care about their children's health.

Birth control is very expensive and important, you *****?

You're a dick. Go **** yourself. I'm not kidding. Women have every right to have sex and protect themselves against unwanted children. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you are male and/or just plain stupid so you might not understand the fact that women can enjoy sex too, and they don't have to be ****** to do so. You wouldn't call a man a **** or a ***** or any kind of derogatory term because he was buying condoms. In fact, you'd probably congratulate him for getting laid. So knock it the **** off with your goddamn double standards.

Knock it off with your assumptions, GreenAlbatross. For all you know xandervincent is just an intolerant Catholic prude who would, indeed, call a man a **** or ***** for buying condoms. And xandervincent, women can use birth control pills for many reasons besides actual birth control - such as controlling an abnormally heavy flow which can actually be harmful to your health. Whether OP is on the Pill or not - and I doubt s/he is, because who would mistake the Pill for illegal drugs? - you're an idiot.

it's hard for a man to be a pimp but easy for girls to be a ****

Yeah, he should knock it off with his goddamn double standards that you just assumed he possessed without any hinting at such double standards whatsoever in his comment.

I do apologize. I lost my temper. But it is commonplace in our society, especially in fundamentalist Christian and Islamic sects, to place more blame and harsh criticism upon the woman for sexuality, birth and prevention thereof. Between those tendencies and irrational outcries against all forms of birth control and abortion under any circumstances from conservative fundamentalists, I tend to lose patience with people who spit their epithets in any context for any reason.

And that's a big issue, sometimes people see issues where there are none, or just a smaller utterly retarded insignificant persons opinion, relax, you needn't get worked up about some fly by night one post idiot.

Even though GreenAlbatross apologized, I still agree with her original statement. Whatever his intent was, xandervincent comes off as calling anyone who takes birth control a *****. Intolerant/ignorant/whatever, it was still a dick comment.

this ones easy to interpret: the meds are expensive and important because they really are drugs and he'll go into extreme withdrawals if he doesn't have them