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Today, my mom took away my medication. She's afraid I'll get "hooked". The medication is anti-anxiety pills. I have horrible anxiety attacks that sometimes cause me to scratch my arms until they bleed. FML
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I'll never understand why parents do this to their kids... They need to stop listening to Paranoia News and grow some common sense.

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Hey lay off her! She just has a blood fetish!

I love hearing the same FMLs over and over :-/ still FYL if it's true

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man, ur mom seriously needs to get a reality check and stop being a b**** (no offense)

your lucky you get meds for it. I never did. :(

Mom=no enjoyment, only pain... And more pain....

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oh my gosh fyl. you could try to sneak them back...

I'll never understand why parents do this to their kids... They need to stop listening to Paranoia News and grow some common sense.

True, but sometimes i wonder what caused the parents to do what they did. What if she were using 5x prescribed, abusing and selling them?

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I laughed at the seemingly-random and unwarranted correction.

Anti-anxiolytica are, in fact, addicting. Doesn't take away the fact that it's better to use it and try to use according to the 'limits' (e.g. 2 pills per day max) than not using at all because you couldn't get addicted.

If she really needed them, do you think she would sell them?

when we all walked naked to school people like op would be sent away in a white coat

You walked naked to school?? And if the OP misbehaves she'd score a free coat? Sounds like a sweet deal to me...

Lady. you need to live a little. everyone did at least once or twice as a kid. as for me? I went everyday. I spent my money on good ol micky dees. gained about 200 pounds, but at least I was spending money on something I need, like food, instead of expensive clothes.

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Chuck Norris once lost both his legs but was still able to walk it off

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Shut up, you can't control them!

People can't just "walk it off" it doesn't work like that -.-

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you should be fine. stop taking drugs!!

How do you know what's best for her? Anxiety attacks are common, and the only way to stop them is to take medication. You obviously don't know much, you're just as bad as the mom!

yeah um biohazs comment was legit. just chill your **** and grow a pair

you have ******* smart as mom! show her what happens when you do not have the help that the meds give you

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Common sense! Or call your doctor and have him slap some sense into your mom?

holy shit! If you need it tell your dad or someone who can help get it back from her. becareful she might be taking them! in fact I bet she is. she sounds like a sneaky bitch.

not trying to be mean but either way you still look like a druggy with or with out...

shut up! if they need meds how does that make someone a "druggie"? your stupid

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He meant he'd look like a druggie when he scratches his arms.. And a druggie when he takes medication.. You could've had a V8!

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dude you coulda had a v8 its a she not a he

In her profile it says she is a girl, and the name "locachick101" gives it away.

how does she look like a druggy when on the meds that control her anxiety? is it because she's taking medication publicly?

Scratch her arms instead. See how fast she gives you back those meds then. ;-)