By Anonymous - 22/12/2010 22:23 - United States

Today, my mother took a bunch of sleeping pills, then went driving. I followed her and dialed 911. Now she thinks that I was "trying to get her arrested," and she refuses to talk to me ever again. FML
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wow with all do respect mom sounds like a dumbass parent


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You forgot to fix her lack of commas and periods bro(ther).

Lol, periods. I'm sure she has got enough of those.

You also forgot to fix her lack of brain. I fear that is irreparable.

I think she was referring to moms as a group: plural. "Gosh, mothers can be so crazy!"

there special places for people like that

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I feel for you. My mom did something similar not too long ago.

I'm sorry your mom is a junkie!! you did the right thing though!! your selfish bitch of a mom needs to realize she could have killed someone!!

You followed her and then called 911... I can easily see why your mom thought that that's what you were doing. Was that not your intention?

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That's terrible :/ She needs help... rehab?

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While I definitely understand being concerned for her safety and the safety of others, I am not sure I understand what you were trying to accomplish by calling the emergency number if not have the police stop her. Her assumption is perfectly reasonable given the circumstances.