Bad timing

By marie12 - 27/03/2011 01:19 - Belgium

Today, I had dinner with three friends to forget about the painful break up with my boyfriend. The first friend announced that she and her boyfriend had just bought a house, the second one that he was no longer single, and the third one revealed that she was pregnant. FML
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could be worse, one of them could have announced they had just gotten together with your ex-boyfriend. Down some martinis and be happy


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honestly, get over it. you'll manage. just bc your friends aren't single and happy with their 'one', it don't mean you just haven't found your 'one' and lost em. besides, it's always fun being single!!!

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You should be happy for them you selfish person. All that good news should have taken your mind off things.

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just go 2 a strip club yu'll find sum1 there

yeah.. I love turtles. his profile picture is of a turtle.

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Oh shyt. Just noticed. I thought it was dude.

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lol was about to comment that same thing:)

I need to put a picture of my own turtle up, when he stops shedding.

LOL WIN. 2 can be as lonely as 1, it's the loneliest number since the number 1 :P

You should be happy for them. Stop being so selfish. They're happiness doesn't stop just because you had a break up. :P

You don't seem to understand what the FML is about .. OP went out with friends because she wanted to have fun and forget about a painful breakup, and each of them has reminded her one way or another that she no longer has somebody in her life

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This is why i get **** buddies amd not girlfriends

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I'm sorry but you're being quite rude. she never said she didn't want her friends to be happy, it just wasn't a great day to get all that news at once.

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Prat! that is the point of FML, to whine about your bad luck. Jesus, get a grip!

Well... life does go on. Be happy for your friends, relish their successes, be there for them when life is hard. This isn't an fml.

I agree. Be a good friend instead of a Debbie downer.

maybe they thought they could replace the thoughts of your relationship ending with thoughts of their relationship success? Anyways, that must be a little saddening/ annoying. I've been there before, so don't feel bad, you'll get over your ex. :)

I wonder whether OP told her friends the reason of the dinner, or not...that makes a huge difference.

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could be worse, one of them could have announced they had just gotten together with your ex-boyfriend. Down some martinis and be happy

Or you could try not being a whiny bitch and being happy for your friends. Maybe your bf dumped you because you complain so much

Yeah, OP is definitely a whingy bitch because she's upset that her friends weren't there for her in her time of need. You're so right.

who says they weren't there for her? They just happen to have relationships, it isn't their fault op was being so sensitive. OP needs to get a grip. I can see why they're upset but the world doesn't need to stop just for them and friends should not have to give up everything just for them. They can still be there for OP and they can still live their lives and be happy

damn you're a horrible person, you have friends to make yourself feel better about your sad life? YDI

How insensitive can you be #14?! How extremely rude! You're just as bad as OP's friends. GROW THE F*CK UP! >:( OP needs friends to be strong, not to put everyone else down. Every sad person needs a friend otherwise they go and commit suicide. You're just salt to the wound and HEARTLESS!! Again, GROW THE HELL UP!!! >:( Oh, and OP... Your friends aren't as caring as they should be. :( Just leave them behind and make new friends.

Yeah, that doesn't make OP a horrible person. I personally think that OP could be a little happier for her friends, but they should be a little more considerate of OP's recent breakup and feelings, and not rub it in so much.

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#21 Not everyone who is sad and has no friends is going to commit suicide. You are an idiot. Your argument is invalid.

I meant to say they would have IF they became depressed and did not find any hearty alternative to their depression. Please stop being so Irate.

atomicJ 0

You are the one that is angry ranting about op's friends being assholes. Just because they have good news does not mean they all conspired to make her feel bad. I think it is you that needs to do the growing up.

Look, I am not in the mood to argue with you, ok? Ignore my ******* comments. No need to get your undies in a bunch.

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do not feed the trollz!! :O