By Anonymous - 26/03/2011 22:26 - United States

Today, my girfriend of two years told me she wasn't actually a lesbian and our relationship was more of a 'learning experience'. FML
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perdix 29

Learning for what!?!? Pleasuring a man with manboobs and a really tiny dick?

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Rawket_Lawnchair 0

That's hot.

NickK49 0

You guys haven't made a video involving a cup have you?

NickK49 0

During you're relationship, did you guys make a video concerning generous amounts of feces and a cup?

During you are relationship.

No more scissoring :(

NickK49 0

143 During the holocaust, were you teaching grammarbin Germany?

whats even hotter is a lesbo threesome

holymolybro 0

it's like putting two buckets together.

YankeesUniverse 0


Yeah lol! 

chester75 5

maybe that was her excuse for leaving you

what is the amazing yet sad part of this is that whover the guy is never thought to offer a threesome…best of both worlds

I agree with181 I think that was just an excuse to brake up with you

iTaylor 0

I feel like you can't really blame her for that. She thought she was a lesbian and then realized she wasn't. I understand that it sucks for you though :/

mintcar 9

How do you /think/ you're a lesbian?

melkell 0

She was probably going through a stage or a sexual identity crisis and realized she doesn't want to play for that team anymore.

Uncool_LikeYou 0

ouch that sucks OP

205-well the "learning experience" might be that she didn't know whether she liked guys or girls. Though it does sound like an excuse.

19fml18 0

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LexxyLiime 0

No D:<

lesbian ewes it so gay

Homophobia is gay

FYL for being a lesbian !

Picking_Kuppies 0

FYL for being a prick.

Go bury yourself :)

sammy92 0

haha I'm sorry but this is funny

mendozaale 0

wait u think that too.... good, i thought i was the only one :)

yeah it's definitely funny!

forgettingsunday 0

yeah, getting used for two years and then having your heart broken is fucking HILARIOUS. -_-

wow whoever thinks this is funny needs to get a fucking life! let's see if you like getting used foe two fucking years and then let's see if you think it's funny! GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!

forgetting sunday ^ <3 I thought the same thing :/ I'd be heartbroken if I was in OP's shoes :( sorry to hear it OP <3 - btw I love your pic :D !! I went to see all time low Sunday before last ^_^ <3 <3

BahahahLOL 0


Not seeing the funny... I wish to give OP a virtual hug...

it is funny to some. it's also funny that u try to abusively push ur opinion on others! chill out!

please relocate your heart k thanks

why doesn't this memo kid shut the fuck up he is like an annoying small dog that just won't stop barking

Shot down... If she's game for learning though, think of what else shed be game for.

perdix 29

Learning for what!?!? Pleasuring a man with manboobs and a really tiny dick?

minniemouse61 0

dude learn wht lesbian means

Dude learn to understand a joke. Perdix is actually a genius, I doubt they don't know what a lesbian is. It was a comment on the "learning experience" idea. Well done for not spotting that.

ooooooooooooh 4

you did not just try to insult perdix

firecapez 4

The joke was that a woman is like a guy with man boobs and a tiny penis. She was learning how sex was with a woman, therefore being able to use the new knowledge to have sex with guy with man boobs and a tiny penis.

Uncool_LikeYou 0

what does it matter. it was a shitty joke anyway.

jessica111189 0

you are seriously so annoying just shut up and get a life

30 should learn to spell.

sam930 0

everything was spelled right

Seriously 190? What has our world come to...

You're wrong. "What " has an "a" in it...

the relationship was a test, and you failed. ):

A7X_LoVeee 10

Does anyone else find it weird that this "experience" lasted for two years?