FML - The follow-up

Today, I made two cakes. One for my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow, the other for my family so they wouldn't eat the birthday cake. I came home to find they ate half of each. FML

cristy91 Say more :
Okay, to answer a few questions: yes, the flavors were the same. Yes, my parents knew I'd be baking two cakes. The reason they ate from each is that my grandma put the "family" cake in the fridge without telling anyone, so they assumed the remaining cake was for them (grandma is a little forgetful). No, I can't combine them, I used "half" but it's half for one and a bit more than 1/3 from the other. No, not putting laxatives, I love baking and they bought me more ingredients to use.
By cristy91 / Wednesday 10 July 2013 04:01 / United States - Orlando
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I agree, but being a birthday I imagine it would say "happy birthday" and they could have known not to eat it. She should have also written "EAT THIS ONE" on the other.

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Some people will just eat whatever the hell they want unless you specifically tell them not to: icing message or not. "ooh cake for me." *cuts slice with out reading the inscription on the cake*

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