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Today, I was getting ready to have sex with my boyfriend for the first time. It seems he thought I was a much larger cup size than I really am, because when he saw my actual boobs, he said, "Aaaaaaand they're gone". FML
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Well, were you wearing a ridiculous push-up bra with a ton of padding? If so, can't really blame him for being surprised. If not and he's just really bad at judging size then that sucks...I'm betting it's more the former though.

You should have put your hand down his pants and reciprocated the favour.


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Such an insightful response. I must thank you for bestowing your pearl of wisdom upon the FML community.

Looks like written by Sheldon Cooper himself! :D

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Not as bad as "first!" but still a terrible misuse of this one in a lifetime opportunity

it IS funny. should just be comfortable with yourself instead of wearing super-padded push up bras.

Well, were you wearing a ridiculous push-up bra with a ton of padding? If so, can't really blame him for being surprised. If not and he's just really bad at judging size then that sucks...I'm betting it's more the former though.

Even if he's bad at judging size, how much difference would a non padded bra and one or two thin layers of clothes really make? He still shouldn't have thought she was that much bigger then she really was. So yeah, I'm going with the "ridiculous push-up" theory.

Eh, I was just trying to give OP some shred of benefit of doubt...

But padded bras make my boobs look so nice. And they keep my boobs warm in Winter :D

It shouldn't matter too much - all sizes are beautiful I think.. I mean he isn't with you for your breast is he?

Nothing wrong with being a part of the itty bitty titty committee.

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"False advertising" ... as if it's something she's selling, correct? I don't really understand why it matters, if a guy only wants you for your **** then he can't be a very good partner. Besides, maybe girls wear pushup bras so they like how they look, not so it looks good for other people.

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Guys false advertise too, like when they keep magnums in their wallets... And get your hopes up...

No he's a magician. He made them disappear.

104- You do realize you can "advertise" without "selling" anything right? Last I checked advertising never meant you had to sell a product too. I said those words because she's advertising a nice and big rack, but when the bra was taken out of the equation the guy was misled about what the product actually is.

Also, I'm not saying that girls are the only one who "false advertise". I'm just speaking of the FML and not the population in general.

Can't win these days... got really small boobs? "Oi, ironing board! Pancake! Satsuma ****!" Get a boob job? "Urgh look, she has fake boobs. That's disgusting" Wear a push-up bra? "False advertising!" I feel really bad for girls with small boobs who aren't comfortable with their shape - it's a tough crowd out there.

129 - The difference is that the guys that think the former are jerks whereas the guys that think the latter just want a girl who's not half plastic and has enough self-confidence that they don't listen to the former guys. So really, the decision isn't that difficult.

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I have small boobs and I don't even care. I used to get teased about it. One chick was talking in class about how it hurts to get hit in the boobs, and I was like "Oh yeah, that really does hurt!" and she turned around and was like "How would YOU know?" and laughed. But it's whatever. Luckily the guys that I'm attracted to do NOT like big boobs. Or anything over a B cup. It's not common, but those guys are out there. Small boobs are more convenient anyway. IBTC unite!

I'm stunned at how many up votes this got, and secondly "HiIAmKevin" - WOW. Your mama didn't teach you right. You aren't 'buying' anything, nor is a girl 'selling' or 'advertising' - unless you're doing it with hookers or you have zero respect for the women you have sex with... No woman is obliged to accurately showcase her **** for your benefit. Girls: if you ever hear a guy talk like this, have the self respect not to go near him.

147- if you're going to wear a push-up bra and/or a padded bra to make your boobs look bigger what's the reason behind it? To get guys to look at you. If you're going to display those things all pushed up and bigger than what they are, then you are advertising. I never said they had to "accurately showcase her ****" for my benefit. I don't go around looking at every pair of breasts I see.

I could go on, but it's mid afternoon and all the girls are shopping. So, I have to go tell each one if they're false advertising or not.

save your breath #147, anyone that describes a woman's body as a "product" ain't worth teaching ;) And OP, a good guy will show you more respect, find one (Now wait for guys to thumb me down)

aw thanks citygirl!!! :) Yeah "product" - exactly.

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As a girl I can't deny that I've worn a push-up bra before to impress someone. Every girl on here acting like no one ever tries to show off their boobs or make them look better is in denial or just oblivious. I don't think he meant that every girl is guilty of it all the time, just that it does happen. We'd all like to believe that guys aren't dating us just for our bodies, but lets be honest - it's not like he's never noticed anything other than your brains & personality. Finding a mate you consider attractive is natural, and often times people do judge others heavily on their physical appearance. Just because it may not be the most important factor to him or he's never said anything before doesn't mean your physical appearance isn't something he considered. Girls know that, and we occasionally make attempts to impress.

152 - I get what you're saying but do you not think there is a difference between simply dressing to impress and dressing to make you look like something you're not?

At least 152 is an honest speaking woman. And I realize everyone is starting to make me seem like a feminist. You suck.

154 - What's that supposed to mean? Do you think the other women in this conversation are lying about their thoughts and experiences then? I am aware that, generally, girls want to make themselves look good for guys and I don't actually think there's anything wrong with that. I doubt any of the girls posting here are in denial about that. It is possibile to be for wanting to attract guys and still against 'false advertising' as you describe it. The two are not mutually exclusive.

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There's a difference, but the line can be easily blurred when a girl trying to impress someone wears a ridiculously padded bra & therefore displays something she isn't. When I went into Victoria's Secret recently, they have a "bombshell" bra that's "guaranteed to add 2 cup sizes". I just looked at it & thought to myself "Why would you ever want to do that?" But maybe that's just my way of thinking because I've never needed to. Anyways, usually when a girl wants to wear a push-up bra, it's to impress a guy or even just other people in general. They care about looks because they know that people will be looking. If they didn't think people would notice or look, they probably wouldn't bother. And displaying something that you essentially want other people to look at is advertising in a basic sense of the word. Advertising - "the action of calling something to the attention of the public". It doesn't necessarily mean she's trying to "sell" anything or that her body is a product, as people have unfortunately taken it to mean; just that she's displaying something openly to the public. People just need to calm down a little.

Oh I completely agree about the advertising thing - think some people earlier tried to be too politically correct and got confused but I was on HilAmKevin's side then. But, I don't think wearing a +2 cup size is 'blurring the line'...I think it is definitely crossing the line lol

Yes I'm aware that you can advertise something without actually selling it, but you're completely missing the point. What I'm saying is why the **** does it matter if a girl's boobs aren't as big as you thought they were?


My though would have been don't care still saw boobs

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Seriously who takes the time to judge hair, makeup, eyes, and such at a time like that?

And he was about to have sex too! What was he thinking? Silly boy. Silly silly.

He judged her boobs, not make up or other attributes. Given this was their first time it was probably his first opportunity to evaluate them. He should have used his inner monologue, true, but it is the time to judge the boob situation. Not being a boob man, they're all good to me but maybe he is a boob man and was disappointed by the lie perpetrated with the bra.

Don't think that's someone I'd want to have sex with for the first time. Lol.

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Sounds like it was her first time with him, not in general.

I agree, and makes no difference to my comment......

Some people need to develop a sense of humour. If you know the meme, then it's funny.

If you have to know a meme to get it, what does it have to do with developing humour?

You should have put your hand down his pants and reciprocated the favour.

I wanted to like this comment, but it has 69 likes already and that seems appropriate.

#81 I think 99 comments would be more appropriate

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Tell him the same thing about his penis. *ba dum tsss*

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#23 - In that case, OP could tell him she had bigger and better.

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It's all about the girth, not length. And imo anything over 8" is just painful

Make the same joke about his penis and he will realise what he has done to you.

Here here! Op's bf probably doesn't realize how hurtful that comment was. Putting it that way should hopefully put some perspective on receiving a comment like that

Girls just need to toughen up, jeez. They're boobs, I see responses about dumping him, and trying to make him feel worse. Why not just accept they're small? I tease my girlfriend all the time about her A cups, and she doesn't cry, feel bad, ect. She knows it's just for fun and I couldn't care less what cup size she is..

The guy in the fml obviously did care what her cup size was otherwise he wouldn't have said something, especially hurtful. Your situation and OPs situation isn't the same, I bet you wouldn't have said that the first time you and your gf had sex.

Ouch, that guy's an insensitive jerk, no offense.

Not necessarily. If she's always wearing those "double push ups" that make you look 2 cups sizes larger, then it's her own fault that he thought she was bigger. And I'm thinking that was probably the case, because I don't know any type of clothes that would make your boobs look "much larger" unless there was a push up bra under them.

You know the more a guy chases girls with large breasts the more likely he will run into that "false advertising" it just comes with the risk and I don't think guys should throw baby tantrums when they do run into it. If you really love the person you are with it should not matter.

I feel for you OP, it's tough. Don't go out with jerks and don't sleep with someone until they care about you so much they wouldn't dream of saying anything like that. And as you get older you'll hopefully get more confident about your body anyway, less need for overly-enhancing underwear.


I don't think any woman should sleep with a man until she know that he isn't just with her for sex or her body. Guys should never try to force girls before they are ready and should always respect them.

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he saw boob. that should count for something.