Small comforts

By Anonymous - 22/03/2020 22:36

Today, while having sex, my boyfriend admitted to having an affair. To comfort me, he said, "But you have bigger boobs, so you have nothing to worry about." FML
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Well, it's a great thing to be able to see the positive in every situation...

He may be right. You'll have to send me some pics of those boobs so I can render my professional opinion. And in the spirit of humanity in the face of the global crisis, I will waive my normally stiff fee.

But is that the ONLY "thing" of yours that "wood" otherwise be stiff? [/s; really? This symbol really needs to posted nonetheless i.e., it's NOT self-evident?!]

Apparently if he already had an affair, you do have something to worry about, and your boobs weren't big enough. I suggest implants. Or just get a real man.

Yea, like implanting a functioning, socially-aware brain into said ex-bf's head. Now he (ex-bf!) gets to spend ALL of his time w/ his less-than-adequate (to HIM) side-piece - just like like his "HUGELY" inept cranial/ grey matter. OP, you deserve FAR better - and hope you start looking today!

Tell him not to worry since he's got the biggest penis - the biggest of all... of all of his friends. ;)

So u mean he cheated.. an affair is if ur engaged or married fyi (mostly referencing married couples js).

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i wouldve said "and your brother was more satisfying but hey, im with you right?"

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Wow, you have awesome taste in guys

Well, it’s true!. Even Trump himself said no girl with small boobs can ever be a 10!