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  Mauskau  |  35

They usually sell cartons of egg whites, the yolk isn't included. The eggs are slightly thicker so they will come out of the carton in clumps rather than as easily as the orange juice. They have a light yellow colour which is similar to what fresh orange juice that is straight from the orange looks like. If you're half asleep it's probably quite easy a mistake to make.

  awspinks77  |  7

Naw, no jog. go lift heavy shit in a gym. What's the use in drinking raw egg if afterward you're going to cause muscular atrophy, inviting catabolism through steady state cardio. Terrible idea.

  sylvienoir  |  18

have you ever gone to the store and in the egg/dairy section sometimes theres cartons of egg whites? sometimes they have cartons that are just whole scrambled eggs too.