By JTinNJ - 27/08/2016 11:57 - United States - Parsippany

Today, I woke up and poured myself a large glass of orange juice from a carton and took a big gulp only to realize it was liquid eggs. FML
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How do you mistake liquid eggs for orange juice?

Let's just hope you don't get Salmonella.


How do you mistake liquid eggs for orange juice?

Well, they both come in the same type of carton (look it up if you don't know what liquid eggs are). If you're sleepy enough, it's actually not that unreasonable.

Plus they both foam when shaken and are generally the same color (once the yolks are beaten together with the whites).

They usually sell cartons of egg whites, the yolk isn't included. The eggs are slightly thicker so they will come out of the carton in clumps rather than as easily as the orange juice. They have a light yellow colour which is similar to what fresh orange juice that is straight from the orange looks like. If you're half asleep it's probably quite easy a mistake to make.

They sell eggs out of their shell, now? Interesting. I'm gonna have to look next grocery trip.

Did you not even read the comments on the coffee FML? Some of the things people accidentally put in their coffee in the morning put this to shame.

Time to crawl out from under that rock, mate :)

You guys are all liars! I went to the store and Darlene said she had never heard of pre-opened eggs.

Isn't drinking raw eggs a good way to become bigger and stronger? Think of the pros.

OP just needed to finish drinking their eggs, turn on Eye of the Tiger, and go for a jog! They'd become Rocky Balboa in no time.

Naw, no jog. go lift heavy shit in a gym. What's the use in drinking raw egg if afterward you're going to cause muscular atrophy, inviting catabolism through steady state cardio. Terrible idea.

I think you missed what 23 was saying, mate :)

Let's just hope you don't get Salmonella.

If sold in a carton, they surely are treated to prevent from bacteria and stuff, aren't they?

You're supposed to cook them first, so yes you can get salmonella from it.

They're usually pasteurized. FYI

Not really how you get salmonella, but sure.

Is it because you had raw eggs for some workout milkshake or something?? No other question makes sense but "How?"

OP might not have been fully awake at the time. Plus, liquid egg carton and juice carton can look quite similar.

have you ever gone to the store and in the egg/dairy section sometimes theres cartons of egg whites? sometimes they have cartons that are just whole scrambled eggs too.

All that protein might give you night vision for next time you're thirsty.

Mmmmm. How...Appetising.

Always always always read the label before you consume anything

I thought of Gaston right away :D

Was it a prank??

well, you got your protein for the day.

Chances are, no. The average person should consume between .8-1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. Athletes more so.