By Anonymous - United States - Las Vegas
Today, I told my boyfriend about how I'm self-conscious about my B-cup breasts. About 20 minutes later, he pointed to another girl with a small chest and said, "See, you're not the only one with small tits!" FML
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  sturschaedel  |  27

B-cups are perfectly normal and not small. There are girls out there that don't even really fill A-cups.

During puberty, my boobs grew from an A-cup at 14 to an E-cup at 22, and later continued to grow to a G-cup during pregnancy and breastfeeding. B-cups are by far the most versatile size out there. You don't really need support and can wear thin, lacy bras if you want, you don't need heavy duty corset like sport bras, a light one will do, most dresses will fit your boobs, you can wear strapless dresses, and with a push up bra you can still show decent cleavage.

C-cups are still OK, everything bigger starts being uncomfortable and in the way most of the time.

  missambitious  |  21

Agreed. I used to be a D cup bordering on DD. I got down to a solid C cup through toning exercises and cutting back on carbs. I am so much happier. My back doesn't hurt as much from them weighing me down and I can find bras easier and wear cute tank tops now (I don't have to get the thick straps or built in bra ones). Big, in this case, is so overrated!

  Vlen_fml  |  20

agreed. B's are honestly rather ideal, they wont sag as much as D+s and shouldn't bother your back with age. besides, B's can be perky, have you ever heard of natural perky D+?

  neuronerd  |  28

#59, natural 34D here, and they're damn perky. Even without a bra, they're exactly where they should be. *hairflip*

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Breasts tend to have their own shape despite size, but I agree most people like them all. Big, small, medium, surgery, natural, they're boobs. And boobs are awesome.

  sturschaedel  |  27

#67, I bet you don't have kids (yet). My E-cups used to be astonishingly perky throughout my 20s. When they grew two sizes during pregnancy and went back to normal again a year about a year later, not so much anymore. They are not hanging to my belt or anything that drastic, but they are softer do have a noticeable sag to them when not supported by a good bra.

  slackerjoe  |  22

don't feel bad OP. some men like smaller breasts better than large ones, it especially depends on your frame. I woman who is 5'7 with some perky Bs is great for me. plus the bright side is that gravity will affect you less.

  9a_1z  |  12

If my boobs sag to my knees I will still lurve them because natural ageing shouldn't have to be terrifying and repulsive. I still wish I could inflate or deflate my boobs at-will though.

  amanda182  |  19

AMEN #40.. I'm a triple D and I always wished I had B/C cups so I could wear all those cute fitted tank tops and dresses, and find bras super easily! Unfortunately, I can't wear those ): OP you're lucky, believe me. You don't want bigger boobs. They're more of a hassle then a blessing.

By  JohnForge  |  13

It's not nice to tell a girl that, especially if she's your girlfriend. I'd never say that to mine because I respect her, and I say, breast size isn't really what matters. It's their personalities and how they think that counts. Sorry he said that OP.

  yea_its_me123  |  13

Personally I think that OP's boyfriend was just trying to make her feel like she fit in and that she wasn't the only one with small tits. Cheer up OP! He loves you!

  cocainewhore  |  30

A b-cup isn't even that small though. D+ is big but what models and pornstars are expected to have, hence people think it should be normal and desirable to have huge tits, when in actual fact it sucks.