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Today, I was depressed because my boobs are really small for a 20 year old woman. To make me feel better my boyfriend said, "As long as they're bigger than mine." They weren't. FML
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awww he should get a breast reduction.

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at least they won't sag when you grow old


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ouchh. well it's ok boobs aren't everything atleast you have a boyfriend :)

54 exactly boobs are everything if you have those you get a better looking boyfriend

wow wanna borrow a boob sometime? but yeah.

77 - Not the case at all. Where do you find your info?

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iSitt 0

I like small real than big fake. Fake feels like a plastic baggie under the skin.

I'd take small **** over fakes any day. smalls are usually made up with a nice ass and pussy

GuitarNukka520 5

awww he should get a breast reduction.

Not to be taken a creepy or hitting on you, but you're really cute :)

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* barfs on floor scoops it up and through at that person^^^*

"where did you guys meet?" "FML troll board" "o how adorable" "I know right, that's where I meet all my bfs"

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was it not obvious I was being sarcastic? Let's try this again Douche bag Justin Bieber hair = super HOTTTTTTTTTTT

hippiechick96 3

#8, I agree with you, he is really cute :)

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118- gawd i f*cking love your hair :3

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161 & 118, you both have amazing hair.[: And I completely agree that 147 is extremely attractive. :D

@Everyone in this mothertrucking thread- I feel retarded for even reading all this shit about who's hair is cute and who's hot. Grow up, looks aren't everything. @OP- Every woman is different, my sister got the AA ****, I got the C's, otherwise we look almost like twins. It's all in the genetics, there is absolutely nothing wrong with smaller breasts. If mine were smaller I could wear a smaller shirt size and then my shirts would fit in the waist area too. You can wear the nice sleek clothes and rock them to hell. I look like a 50s pin up no matter what I wear. You can't please everyone, you might as well love you for who you are. Besides, the more beautiful you are on the inside the happier you'll be, unless you're a materialistic, self-centered twat.

chinadollsierra 0

Never said looks were everything, did we? Just stating opinions. I'm sure you've commented on someone's looks before, so looks like according to you that makes you immature.[:

Sure, IRL. I don't hang out on the internet just to say "O.M.G. UR SO EFFING HAWT! LIKE TOTALLY FOR SURE!" and troll for potential manmeat in the fml comments, I keep my statements at least somewhat pertaining to the fml. So now that my point is made, I bid you adieu. To keep up with my habit of making my comment relevant to the OP's life, I'll also add that many women go for boob jobs or hormone treatments or pills. F that sh*t. I say get a push up so you can just rock both looks for waaaaayyyyy less money, and work on your confidence. Obviously your man loves you the way you are and a HUGE amount of women would kill to be in your shoes. If I wasn't comfortable now with my looks (trust me, took time and effort), I would totally trade you in a heartbeat. The grass is always greener right? At least your back doesn't kill you, mine is always hurting. At least you won't have saggy **** when you hit middle age like I will. You can wear nice clothes and look elegant, and show some chest without looking like a ***** trying to throw it all out there. And when you eventually have kids, you have a good chance at gaining a little up top! There's ups and downs to every situation, you just gotta make the best of it and look on the bright side.

chinadollsierra 0

Your point is not made because unless you stalk us you would not know if we hung out on fml simply to "troll" around. These are comments on comments. if what we said was going to pertain that much we'd post it as a first comment.

I have a life, and you don't. I don't need to stalk you or anyone else, I have all the entertainment I need at work and at home. Thanks to whoever is giving me positive feedback and to those of you emailing me! I think my point has now been made twice by me, and however many times by your negative feedback. Have an awesome day!

lil_miss_piss (I think that's her name, stupid iPhone) just rocked the shit out of you. I understand commenting on people's looks on Facebook or something where it's actually possible you'll meet, become friends or more, etc. But it FML for gods sake. OH MAH GAWSH ! YOUR HAIR IS SO DAZZLING! **** that shit.

kiara16 0

Anyone else think #2 was a girl at first?

is that what the U.S. has come to? goodness

what are you referring to? Small boob complaints or douche bag hair cuts? The answer is yes and yes

CiaranPM 0

Actually no. Boob size has risen worldwide from a B something cup to a C 36 cup. OP just fell behind.

well the U.S is no good for any thing any more so why should there woman be any different

_Vamp_ 9

Well, chadkind, Canada's only good for maple syrup, hockey, and the occasional Mountie falling off a horse. Yes, I can make ignorant, overgeneralized comments about your country too, prick.

69: Probably because we're all getting fatter.

tashaa13 0

excuse me! first of all, the RCMP only ride horses on special occasions and ceremonies. also Canada has a lot more to offer then maple syrup and hockey. take a look at a map. we've got more prairie provinces then anything. also we export more oil to your country then any other.

125 - He was clearly making a point and NOT taking a stab at Canada.

vamp, everybody knows gingers are their own species. don't go pretending to be American

thank you at least I'm not the only one that will stand up for Canada what the hell has the U.S done in the past 5 years they can even be happy about ?? any one NO I did not think so

baddawg365 0

Says the moose screwing Canadian, eh

Yes, but your education is just as bad. I'm going to go ahead and Nazi this up for being a dick to someone proving a point about generalized statements and what they do, besides prove people stupid. What you should have said was: "Excuse me! First of all, the RCMP only ride horses on special occasions and ceremonies. Also, Canada has a lot more to offer than maple syrup and hockey. Take a look at a map, we've got more Prairie Provinces than anything. Also, we export more oil to your country than any other." Congratulations, you're still retarded. You are not helping your cause.

canada is great and has allot of natural resources and the US is rich and powerful. they each have there up sides

Lil_miss_piss- you're now one of my favorite fml users

memo619 0

at least they won't sag when you grow old

Nope, they'll just be flaps and wrinkles of skin. Lovely image, eh?

wjjq13 0

yea but how will she hide snack for her man? in her vag?nasty oder

milou_fml 6

sounds like someone decided they weren't going to just watch supersize me, but make it their official motto in life

Schizomaniac 24

*Cue comments from Steph and Katie*

I laughed out loud after seeing your comment. :P

mz_booty 0

that's why there's boob jobs op don't be depressed!!

#9 Right, because everyone can clearly afford an unnecessary surgery that costs thousands of dollars.

and just because one gets a boob job, it doesn't mean they will be happy with their bodies in the end.

I think the real FML is the fact that her bf had bigger boobs than her. Petite chicks shouldn't have giant fake ones.... it looks gross to me.

mz_booty 0

yeah but if she's depressed and complaining she should do somethink about it, just saying!!

66 - You're still missing the point. Look at Heidi Montag. She wanted giant-ass boobs. She got them, along with 15 (exaggeration) other surgeries. She now apparently wants her implants out. Once you start with the surgeries, you usually don't stop at just one. Just because (it appears) you've had implants, doesn't mean everyone else will be happy with the same decision.

Megabras are a better option. Cheaper and not permanent. That's one of the many reasons I prefer to be smaller-chested; you have the option of changing their appearance without surgery or duct tape.

Good point, Jane. I'm sure Mr. Doe loves when you wear them! I'm sure my boyfriend would go nuts if I wore one.

not all of us can afford it like u number 9

lemonloli1990 7

aww! I feel you're pain hon :(

Sorry, but either your boobs are REALLY freaking tiny like non-existing tiny, or it's his life that sucks because he has moobs.

There is no such thing as "non-existing" tiny boobs, unless the girl in question is pre-pubescent.

RedPillSucks 31

Or actually a guy. Could OPs boyfriend be the one who found out his girlfriend was actually a man?