By Anonymous - 19/01/2013 16:50 - United Kingdom - Nuneaton

Today, after recently breaking up with my boyfriend, I unknowingly washed my laundry using his washing tabs. My whole wardrobe now smells like my ex. FML
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Didn't you learn your lesson after you made a similar mistake in the shower?

Clearly the only option is to burn down her house. Much easier solution.


Didn't you learn your lesson after you made a similar mistake in the shower?

This is an ovation to an old FML. Just FYI for everyone

How do you know?

He doesn't. He's obviously guessing :P

*Raises hand* was it axe chocolate that reminded her last time?

61 why yes. Yes it was. You get a gold star.

@32 I don't think I'm going to dignify this response with an answer...

Just wash it again with different detergent?

Clearly the only option is to burn down her house. Much easier solution.

sarahxD1234 5

good excuse for a new wardrobe.

Yeah, I buy new clothes instead of washing them too

One of my coworkers says she buys a new bra every week because "You can only wash them once before they go bad".

She must have some bodacious tits

If she buys a new bra every week, and only washes it once, then that insinuates that she only wears a bee twice a week...

Or she wears it for 3.5 days, washes it and then wears it for another 3.5 days.

Time to re wash your whole wardrobe

OP must not re-wash: Smell Me, SMELL ME!

Or Febreeze™...

Wash them again, seems like a waste of time but it will be worth it, smell is the most strongly associated sense with memory.


vic55jets 13

I'm sure they do they just didnt find it funny.

You mustn't have read the comments on like every other FML on this site. "That stinks" or "that's shitty" are like invitations for flaming.

39-Booooo. *throws chair*

Nice try at being funny. I'm down voting you for freaking out though.

Everyone knows if you through a chair a riot will happen.

*throw. Come on 79, the correct spelling was a mere two comments above yours...

zombieslayer83 19

Wash them again.

honeybadgerDG2S 2

That would have been my first thought not run straight to fml

klovemachine 24

It's only temporary. Next time you wash your clothes use something else and it'll be ok :-)

She can also drench herself in perfume. Sure no one will want to be near hear, but it'll mask his scent.

Comet_Candy 23

Parfum de mouffette would work best ;).

Is it really that distinct of a smell?

laya_fml 26

Apparently. Her boyfriend must either smell really bad or really good.

A great way to start moving on!

How mentaly unstable are you, I understand you being upset about breaking up, but getting worked up over detergent is too much.

CharresBarkrey 15

I don't know, scent is the most powerful sense to bring back memories. She technically can't help it. Her nose is too close to her brain.

Just because a scent reminds her of her ex boyfriend it doesn't make her mentally unstable.

But I think you are right, in the way that more like a distinct smell like his cologne or his body-odour would bring back memories. Not a generic laundry detergent, I mean, will she also use a different thooth paste now? A different dishwasher detergent? Then again, thats just what I think.