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Today, I was fired from my job. I was a lifeguard and the other day a 30 year-old man who only spoke Spanish hit on me. I'm 16 and I'd politely rejected him. He then went to the front desk and told them how I tried molesting him in the locker room. FML
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FYL. How can they even believe that? :S

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This should be easy to disprove...push him for details, when it was, etc, he will probably slip up.


haha not on notalwaysright lol but, really gross. should have just shouted a parting shot of 'well you had a small penis!' how the hell did they believe him?

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Since everyone reads up to here in comments I thought I'd ask this here..How come the OP's never respond to our questions or clarify anything..or even comment on their FML ? we need answers sometimes :(

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I have a feeling its cause they're fake Or all made up by one/few person/people lol

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Its because of the phail conspiracy. You see, people are trying to put up all these phail fmls (not this one in particular just the majority) so all the real fmls never get seen.

I agree with you... I'm sorry but this is a big stinky load of horse sh!t... if the guy "only spoke Spanish" how would he go to the front desk and complain?? EXACTLY

You do know that other people in the States also speak Spanish...right? RIGHT? Either the person working the front desk spoke Spanish themselves or they found someone to's not magic... -_-

ask how a 30 man was threatened or beat up by a 16 girl. also, calle sexist but I've never hear of a female molesting a male, I mean seriously way do u do, knock him unconsous and ride him, they could just get a vibrater

FYL. How can they even believe that? :S

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This is probably the most bullshit I've ever heard on this site, and this site is pretty ******* stupid. I know that 99% of the stories on FML are fake, but at least try to make them somewhat believable. This shit is just stupid

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People are stupid. Once we come to accept that, it'll be easier to understand.

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This should be easy to disprove...push him for details, when it was, etc, he will probably slip up.

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the pool's almost closed anyway, but that sucks.

That's retarded. How's a 16 yo girl supposed to molest a 30 yo man? FYL indeed.

#7, exactly what I thought! #86, whatever.

Lmfao. I just wouldn't be able to understand how a 16 year old girl would manage to molest a 30 year old guy. Fyl

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Obviously, you should dispute this. Although, considering it doesn't seem your employers even tried to investigate the matter ... you might just want to dispute it to clear your name, rather than get your job back.

This has to be fake, I mean there are some seriously stupid people in the world, but any boss dumb enough to believe something like that needs his ass handed to him!