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  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

Just to clarify, "be a man" and "man up" have nothing really to do with sex/gender and more to do with gender identity and the stereotypes involved.. So I think she literally means act like a man and deal with it yourself. No need to be insulted OP

  mattrd_fml  |  31

#57 She had every right to be offended. No pest control company should tell you to man up and deal with it yourself. If everyone did that, they would be out of business!

  bighood24  |  17

#57- why would a pest control company tell somebody to "man up" and deal with it themselves? if everyone did that there would be no need for pest control companies

By  RenoTheRhino  |  30

It's alright OP. The rats in my apartment have become quite good friends of mine. Just feed them bread and bathe them every once in a while. All of the sudden, you find yourself with a few more friends.

Better spend your money somewhere else OP, if these idiots don't want the business you're offering them.
They don't look very competent either if think that handling pest that can potentially transmit dangerous diseases is just a matter of "being a man".