By pocketrocket90 - 08/08/2014 06:05 - Australia - Capalaba

Today, I got a call from my very drunk boyfriend at 1:30am asking for my permission to have sex with a "gross fat chick" he met at a pub, because he "felt sorry for her". The conversation ended with me getting hung up on because I "don't have a heart". FML
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I hope you don't have a boyfriend either, anymore.

tell him he can have sex with "gross fat chicks" any time he likes because he ain't having sex with you anymore.


I hope you don't have a boyfriend either, anymore.

The "gross fat chick" might not have been as unattractive as he said.

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Even if he was lying, that is the worst logic ever. Not that it's ever okay to cheat, but feeling sorry for a fat chick?Really now? Can he be anymore pathetic?

@34 Alright there, calm it down Chanandler Bong.

#34, was a nerve hit? Seems like you took that one personally. I think the boyfriend just had too much too drink and contemplated on making a decision he wasn't in the current mind frame to make. OP's boyfriend isn't the first to get drunk and say/do something he'll mostly regret when sober.

What the hell is this? He got drunk, so he should get dumped?

They do say the worst part about infidelity are the lies... Yeah, I never really believed that BS.

#65 no, he got drunk - asked for permission to cheat on his girlfriend and then got mad and insulted her for saying no.

Really guys? You're giving him the excuse of being drunk to make it okay for him to act like that? Hell no. That's his girlfriend. The ONLY one he should be having sex with or even think about having sex with, regardless if he's drunk or not. And if he wants to do it with another girl than he definitely doesn't deserve OP.

I do hope he is now your ex boyfriend

You know these "I hope you mean your ex-" comments are really starting to piss me off. It's none of our business how they solve the problems in their relationship or whether they choose to work through their hurdles. I find it reprehensible that he would make that call even while drunk, and it's okay for me to voice that opinion. What's not okay is for me to take that one action and use it to judge his conduct throughout the relationship and then share that judgmental attitude with someone who's hurting as opposed to what they need: comfort and consolation. All the judgmental-ism does in cases like these is make a hard spot for OP harder and to me that's not acceptable.

in case you don't know, the reason people submit fmls is for people to comment. if no one did then it wouldn't exist. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF FML. p.s. if you don't like it, don't read it. nobody gives a shit what you think. especially me

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Obviously you're a guy and they tend to handle problems differently. However, when a girl airs out relationship problems to friends (or strangers on the Internet) she is looking for them to agree "he's a jerk" and "you're so much better than that". Have you never watched a chick flick??

So you're assuming that he's a guy by what he said? Great logic. Although I don't agree with him, you are not any better for making a sexist comment on him.

#35, that's the point of the comment section. So we can give our opinions on the situation. If OP didn't want people in their business, they wouldn't have posted this on a public website. It isn't your place to get "pissed off", although that is up to you.

Not sure anyone bothered to read the second part of my "rant" I even said, in higher vocabulary, that he's a jerk and I never suggested I have a problem with anyone voicing their opinion one way or the other there. Read the full comment before you decide whether you agree with it or not...

35, without disrespect to you, I'm pretty sure we can all judge op's relationship however we want or give any type of advice. No one said she had to take that advice. If OP didn't want the advice she probably shouldn't post it on a public website with a comment section. And if OP wanted "comfort and consolation" they probably shouldn't post it on this website, although in my opinion a lot of commenters do exactly that. I'd be willing to bet that OP was happy their story got posted on the website/app and thoroughly enjoyed everyone's comments even if they don't agree with all of them, as countless other posters before her have said. There's no reason for you to get pissed off just cause people are posting stupid comments. If so you might as well get pissed off at all the "well that's shitty" comments. Then you'd just be mad all the time. ;)

#35. Okay I understand your point. But I personally would not want my boyfriend sleeping with another girl, no excuses. If he wants to comfort her then go right ahead but I would draw a fine line at where the sexual relations start. He is her girlfriend after all, hers, not anyone else's. Which means he is exclusive to her and no one else.

You are getting way too serious dude.

You heartless bastard!! Why wouldn't you let your drunk ex bone a fat chic?!?!? They need love too!! So mean...

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They aren't exs. He's still her boyfriend!

Is it bad that I would let him. I think I would feel like a bad person if I didn't.

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He better be her ex boyfriend now. He wasn't that drunk because otherwise he wouldn't have called. He knew it was wrong. There's some things you can't blame on the alcohol.

Sorry to hear your boyfriend openly wants to cheat on you. maybe you should soberly get a new boyfriend!

In this case, boyfriend did *not* want to cheat. Boyfriend wanted to have sex with somebody else, but did *not* want to cheat. There is a significant difference.

I'd call it a negligible difference, not a significant one. But, I guess that's just a matter of preferences/principles.

Wanting to do something and actually doing it are two very different animals, which makes the difference very significant. If I said I was mad enough to kill, does that make me a killer? No, of course not. Killing makes me a killer. Am I unfaithful if I drunkenly tell my GF I wan't to bang this 'gross fat chick' because I feel bad for her? No, of course not, it just makes me a drunken idiot. We don't know if he actually did have sex with 'Gross Fat Chick', so lets not send the man to Hell unfairly.

The poi t of a relationship such as "boyfriend/girlfriend is that you have one partner. it wasn't plural, or "boyfriends".

#20- I've heard that people can act as they truly think when they are drunk, so that could be the case too. Or, OP's boyfriend might just be a stupid drunk.

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I'm assuming you've never heard of an 'open relationship'? I'm not condoning or condemning OPs (possible ex) boyfriend. But it's rather close minded to think that every relationship is the same.

To be honest, as stupid as he is, I'm glad he called and asked first. Better than all those idiots who just go out and cheat and try and hide it. Again, still an idiot, but not as dumb as a lot of people.

He's drunk. He means every word of it. Being drunk just makes it easier to say it

Being drunk does not give him the excuse to have thoughts of cheating. He's in a relationship to OP which means he's committed to her.

So when single people see girls as hotter while drunk, taken people see girls as uglier?

tell him he can have sex with "gross fat chicks" any time he likes because he ain't having sex with you anymore.

But at least give him SOME credit for taking your permission.

I don't know why everyone is saying to dump him. We didn't know if he cheated or not. He had the decency to ask his girlfriend first and who knows, after that call he could've said "no" to the fat chick. In all honesty, he is a lot better than the guys who cheat and lie about it.

dude the fact that he wanted to enough to ask and was considering it more than enough to dump him. you can bet your ass i would. the very fact that he asked completely ***** with the security of the relationship imo, unless they already talked about it or are in an open relationship. evidently they are not.

At least you don't have a hangover and a gross fat chick in your bed.

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That'd be a very interesting turn of events seeing as how OP wasn't the one drinking at a pub asking for permission to have sex with a gross fat chick. Plus OP is a girl.

Being a girl has nothing to do with it. lol

atleast he asked your permission? kidding that sucks