By Barney / Saturday 18 June 2011 16:10 / United States
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  Veraymix  |  6

Actually...that's not a bad idea. How cute.

  adropofpeace  |  8

^ that made me laugh.

that being said, cats are ninjas, you could secure the entire room and they'd still find a way to enter, destroy everything, and then leave without notice. unless they WANTED you to notice.

  Iamnotmyself  |  17

Unless the cat was able to walk on walls, I highly doubt any person with the IQ higher than a dog would understand it was the cat. I specifically said dog because they don't like kitties.

  Iamnotmyself  |  17

I cannot tell if that is sarcasm or not, either way good for you! Your giving yourself pointless entertainment from a fat idiot sitting at his computer typing stuff. More specifically me and George Bush.