Throw the book at him

By Jen - 30/04/2019 20:00

Today, I got fired from my job at a library for hitting an old man with a book. In my defence, I had asked him about a massive water stain on a book he'd returned. He told me it was his cum, wanted to know if it excited me and then tried to touch my boobs. Dirty old pervert. FML
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press charges and sue

That's enough FML for one day.


That's enough FML for one day.

press charges and sue

High five, sister. Hope you got in a good shot. Shame on management for firing you.

Wow that's horrible. Even if you hadn't lost your job it would be a nightmare of a day. Did you know lawyers give a free consult to advise you of your case's potential? So go find out your options, even if you can't spare any money. Seems to me that if you hit him to keep him off your boobs that would be self defense. If you hit him just because he deserved it I dunno- legally. Of course you were 100% in the right ethically. File a complaint with the police. If that stain really was what he said (barrrf!!) that's evidence, plus the groping might be on camera. That bastard deserves to be charged with assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault, vandalism... wreck his ******* life. Hopefully it will discourage him from tormenting other victims in the future. Who knows, perhaps it will even sway management's view of things if you file charges. "Employee assaults rude customer" is a bit different than "Employee fights off criminal who was in the process of attacking her". Having the sicko charged can help show management the seriousness of what went down. Perhaps even if you do nothing further & just want to forget, your vigorous defense of your dignity may have left him less likely to harrass again, so good for you! But I do hope you can find justice.

Dementia doesn’t excuse his actions.

I’m no Nazi, but that is one book I’d definitely be burning.

xxWTFxx1981 23

Whatever happened to respecting the elderly?

Respect is earned.

whatever happened to respecting women?

You should not have been fired. He should have been banned from the library.

you work in a library but you cant spell defense?

It can depend where this person comes from, both are correct. American English uses an S whilst British English uses a C.

Why did you damage a book? You should have hit him with practically anything else.

I think it’s warranted since said book was destroyed by cum..

I used to work in a library. There’s a code about how books are to be treated!