By M.L. - 06/09/2009 21:09 - United States

Today, I went on a busy train. I packed myself in close to a very good looking woman and, too scared to say anything, looked out the window. After feeling a hand on my ass, I assumed it was her. To not ruin the moment, I didn't look back. After a few stops, I looked back. It was an old man. FML
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YDI it for not checking, especially in a public place. Bahaha

Seriously.. a hot woman is not going to grab your ass on the train okay.


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well, ydi for sitting in a triple seater in a nyc subway the 3 seats r the worst, you should of stood, gotten in in a window seat, or if unavailable, sat in a different train (like the first or last (those are usually the least crowded)

I highly doubt someone could grab someone's ass if they were sitting.

Seriously.. a hot woman is not going to grab your ass on the train okay.

That's what happens when you try to get off with a random person. Sad

So you wouldn't even say anything to a girl who felt you up or even look back? Ydi

YDI it for not checking, especially in a public place. Bahaha

"...I see you winding and grinding up on that pole, I know you see me lookin' at you and you already know I wanna **** you, you already know I wanna **** you, you already know..."

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lol?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? nice song pic

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i reply w lyrics would u please top replying ur so annoying

agreed, its a stupid gimic, not at all funny and it just makes you look like a retard

Actually, to state a well known fact, it is quite funny. Science shows that people with a sense of humour laugh 57.38% more after reading my comments. And, I never thought of it as a gimmick, but simply as a way to stand out, while remaining hilarious

To #27 and 38, he replies all of the time with lyrics. It's the internet, people can post whatever they want, including your dumb asses. If you don't like it, skip over it.

Thank ya Gonzolove! PS does the Gonzo have a deap meaning (you know, almost as deep as mine, as it is as deep as one can be) or is it there because it sounds cool? and NGL, it does sound nifty jus curious

It's my tribute to Hunter S. Thompson, who was essentially the founder of gonzo journalism.

PS: You're welcome. It really irritates me when people act like that. You're not hurting anyone. So they can just stfu.

haha, not quite sure what that is. well, judging by the Journalism part, im assuming it has something to do with writing :P Check it out! It's pretty awesome.

Sounds pre nifty, but i wish there was more to read bout it. I'll look it up elsewhere later :)

Hi mercy :) *bear hug* hmmm... If you are in love with Gonzolove, does that make you Lez or Bi? :S

To ireply_w_lyrics: Just read some of Hunter's books. For example there's the ever-famous Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. There's also Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 and The Curse of Lono. He wrote a ton of books and some short stories and a bunch of articles, but I'm not gonna list them all here. To mercyFML: Yay, I'm not a poser! =]

Well mercyFML, I don't know of many (or any in fact) girls that know and love Hunter S. Thompson. So I think I might be in love with you too.

And then, if I get too old to do what I want, I'll call you on the phone and blow my head off. =P

Hmm... seeing as i am as dense as i am, i did not quite pick up on this at first, but im just taking a swing in the dark here that you girls are talking about meester thompson

Agreed. Being 67 and having a broken leg and being who he was, I don't blame him. However, I think we should take Mescalin and go swimmng. And then play shotgun golf in his honor. I'll bring the shotgun, you bring the golfballs.

Hmmm... i have no lyrics for what i said, and for the suicide, i only have 1 song, but its a breakup reason for suicide (whiskey lullaby) however, praising him, i have "...What if he's an angel sent here from heaven And he's making certain that you're doing your best To take the time to help one another Brother are you going to pass that test You can go on with your day to day Trying to forget what you saw in his face Knowing deep down it could have been his saving grace What if he's an angel.." Sorry i didnt have too much!

The golf and the being drugged are separate occasions. And as for ireply, I agree with mercyFML: don't apologize, do your thing!

You're awesome, ireply, keep doin' whatchu doin' and don't pay attention to the haters. You're original and I enjoy reading your lyric-replies. They're just jealous. =D

Gonzolone: Checked out the creator of Gonzo Journalism's wikipedia article...and I can't decide what to think of him, and ultimately his work - accept it for its originality and uniqueness, or reject it for its psychadelic influences and the author's obvious mental disturbances. Interesting anyway. Reminds of Johnny Depp in Secret Garden, an awesome movie. Ho hum...this was so pointless. But, thanks for introducing this literary concept, it's truly interesting!

I definitely will. Did you know that Johnny Depp lived with Hunter S. for awhile before he filmed Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Every role that Johnny Depp has played since then has a hint of Hunter S. in it. Or that's my opinion anyway.

#39's post made me laugh.. but not the lyrics he posted before lol

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So discovering it was an old man ruined the moment? Hey, man, a hand's a hand in my book. ;)


you said you were packed in close, it was probably an accident:)

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Who knew that playing grab-ass on public transportation was the way to score dates?

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haha you should of turned around anyways. YDI

he said 'on a busy train' he didn't say 'i purposefully packed myself in close', just that he packed himself close. The woman just happened to be good loooking and he looked away because he was shy. he never said anything about packing himself in close BECAUSE she was good looking

Maybe it was crowded #4? And he did say it was a busy train. So Im assuming it was a crowded train and he wanted to sit down. There was probably a small space to which he could sit in. It doesnt mean this old man has to feel him up

Easy now, fuzzy little man peach. Hmmmm, you ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe?

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Greg, I don't wanna hang out in your underwater cave and drink Bailey's. So calm yourself now =]

Wanna come to a club where people wee on each other?

I know what you're thinking: Here comes Old Gregg, he's a scaly man-fish. You don't know me, you don't know what I got!