By PsychoSarah - 06/04/2011 23:57 - United States

Today, I got fired from my job. I caught a customer taking pictures up my skirt, and my boss fired me for calling the police and "making a big deal out of it". FML
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kingtz 6

Lawsuit for wrongful termination!!!

your boss probably wanted the pics too.


you didn't slap a hoe!?

FatElie 0

I always keep my pimp hand strong :P

callofduty4life 0

why would you call the cops on him? clearly he is complimenting you.

I like compliments, but I prefer things like you have nice eyes to someone taking a photo up my skirt lol.

Yes, objectification and invading her privacy is totally complimentary.

You should file a lawsuit against your former employer. Those are unjust and illegal terms of dismissal. That customer invaded your privacy and broke the law and you have the right to call the police on him. Sue the bastard, really, you'll win.

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha you brought unwanted attention....

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It might have been uniform 52, besides women (and men!) should be able to wear what they want without some creep pervin' :p

56- I agree!! and yet every time I go out with just my favorite shoes, people stare, laugh, and take pictures :( damn creeps!!

naijagirl96 1


She probably wouldn't win the lawsuit against the employer. OP should have confronted the man about it first(Since the police were called it is safe to assume she barely did or didn't) Also, it is possible OP had a history of causing problems within the workplace, thus, providing the grounds for dismissal; Excessive Disruption of the Workplace. You can be fired for any reason the boss decides, he can't find one... he makes one up. Almost the only time legal action can be brought into situations like this is Dismissal on the grounds of absence because of Jury duty, or an arbitrary reason to fire you because of your absence.

I feel your pain 71 although I am normally mistaken for a autistic monkey

RedPillSucks 31

@89 Are you a lawyer? Just curious. I'm not a lawyer either, (but I did sleep with one at a Holiday Inn) that just doesn't seem right. I would think what the customer did was sexual harassment. Getting fired for complaining about being harassed seems to be a legitimate reason for bringing a suit.

Well I think she would win. She didn't have to confront the man taking the pictures at all. It would be like having to confront a burglar before you rang the police as he robbed your house. The fact the police WERE called rather then confronting the man means she has evidence of the incident. If she has reports, conversations, witnesses- she can easily win this. But the state/country she lives in could be different and/or make it harder.

unless America has some stuffed up law it's illegal to fire her for that. especially since the employer has a duty of care in these types of situations.

ReynshineCutting 10

Unfortunately she can be fired for this. Every state in the US, except Montana, has what's called at will employment. That means you can quit for any or no reason at all or your boss can fire you for any or no reason at all. The only time you could sue for wrongful termination is if you're fired based on gender, race, religion, disability, or if you had jury duty. Other than that you can be fired and your boss doesn't even have to tell you why.

96- There is a difference between complaining about sexual harassment(ie confronting boss/manager) and overreacting and calling the police. I can picture it now. Manager is working quietly in his office. Looks up and sees police in his business. The disgruntled employee(OP), tears streaming down her face, runs to the manager's office. She can barely talk because she is crying so much and is breathing heavily. Manager, scared, runs to the police to figure out what happened to make OP so upset. The police, sighing, calmly tell the manager that a customer was taking pictures up her skirt. The manager, quite angry because now he has a crying women in his office, scaring other customers along with police. He also has to file a formal report to corporate stating that police were called because a customer was looking up an employee's skirt and that it is his fault for not resolving it before it escalated to police involvement. Taking all this into consideration, he decides she is too much of a liability. Thus, fires her. Please excuse double post if there is one. And no I am not a lawyer.

what do you expect from someone with a Charlie sheen picture? my daughter was flashed at her job and the cops took it totally seriously. they said these guys don't get better and their behavior escalates, and the more paper on them the better.

callofduty4life 0

silly women. they make me laugh.

RedPillSucks 31

Because it's the victims fault that the employer doesn't take seriously that a worker should not be harassed at the workplace. Wow.

126- More than someone without a picture. Besides that, your statement is very vague because of poor word choice, and little use of punctuation but I will attempt to understand it. You say your daughter was flashed at work. Did your daughter immediately pick up the phone and call 911 or talk to the manager or file a police report. Her worst mistake was bringing the police to the office, especially without telling anybody.(If she did tell the manager then she did not listen to the manager when he said to not call the police) What she should have done is either talk to the manager and let him deal with it or, use the man's information(assuming he gave it to her for business) file an official police report and let the police resolve it outside of a business environment.

132- Not saying that the employer shouldn't take it seriously, but that the victim took the wrong steps to resolve the issue. She should have called the manager, have him come talk with the man, then proceed to obtain his information and file a police report. Instead she saw his inappropriate acts as a national emergency and call the do what exactly? Take him to jail? I doubt it...

oblio 0

I don't know about Illinois, buy in California I believe this would be considered retaliation for reporting sexual harassment, which is illegal. That being said, a common FML theme seems to be young ladies who think everyone wants a peek up their skirts. You're not all that, so simmer down already, drama queens.

firing her for reporting it is also failure to maintain a safe work environment which is illegal she could easily sue and win

Heliol 8

No_LoveMM you have made some of the stupidest comments I have ever read and sound like a sexist pig who think women should just take sexual harassment as part of being born a woman. Are you a fellow peeping tom who invades women's privacy for pictures to help your own perverse desires? You seriously need to learn a few things about the rights of individuals and stop acting like women should just keep their mouths shut. Also, stop saying she'll lose a legitimate lawsuit. With all of the idiotic lawsuits filed nowadays I'm sure she would win. If she lost it's because there's sexist men like you on the jury who will say she "overreacted" and should have just let those photos of her in her underwear circulate the pervert circle. And guess what, he CAN be taken to jail, as he should. He is breaking numerous laws and I highly doubt the OP is the only individual he has taken photos of. If nobody ever calls the police on people who do things like this they will only continue their behavior and possibly escalate to higher levels of crime. Saying that she should have just told her manager and not bothered contacting police about this man BEFORE he has a chance to do this same thing to even more women is just illogical. The police need tabs on guys like this before they escalate to home invasion and/or rape. Is it 100% certain that they'll commit those crimes? No, but they show signs that they might do it which means having it on file would help if they do.

here here 171! I love that you shut the foo up!

He is just upset that someone actually told his ass off. It's funny how he thinks he knows it all when it can go either way. he must be stupid enough to only think about the negative outcome more than the positive. so yes sir I would have to agree your making stupid comments ESP when your not even a lawyer. reading articles and posts on wikipedia doesn't make you one wanna be Charlie sheen! if anything it makes you look more like Charlie sheen!

171 Just reading your comment proves to me that you did not do the same to mine. I never said she should keep her mouth shut...Also, you obviously don't understand how these sort of things are supposed to go down in the workplace. She deserved to be fired for calling the police to her office building where should should have; A.Taken the camera/phone which took the pictures. B.Called in the manager/boss. C.Filed an official police report. I have said that multiple times now I don't think I can really make it much simpler for you to understand, frankly it doesn't seem like such a difficult concept to grasp, but I guess everyone is different right?

I apologize 178 I was unaware of the fact that I was required to be a certified lawyer to prove someone wrong especially on a site like this. Are you a certified therapist or psychologist to be making those assumptions as well? If not then you might as well just delete your comment and refrain from posting anything else. Thank you.

lakeybalboa 0

171- Would you say the same if it was a guy who called the police because of a woman taking pictures of him? She over reacted, women need to face reality and stop thinking that everyones trying to rape them.

he fired her for feeling objectified isn't that a type of sexual harassment. like he's basically telling her that he doesn't give a dam that she got harassed and that she should shut up and take it. I'm pretty sure a jury would convict because of this. but then again I'm not a lawyer :P

It's also considered retaliation in Oregon as well.

Clearly someone here has a grudge against women who report men for taking up-skirt pictures.

Actually I am a certified therapist. But hey like I said, wikipedia can only get you so far. Oh and before you make "assumptions" make sure your claim is truth because I have been called for similar situations in court and even witnessed one where the GIRL won. And FYI, the Boss could just be an ass and could care less about the employee and more about the customers when today's business should be more focused on making employees happy and which in turn makes customers happy. Oh yes I'm also a business graduate before you say anything about that. With that said. You should actually delete your account and have some sympathy for females. Yes many overreact and many don't. Before you make a judgment, look at both sides first.

he is taking pictures of her slant eye

if someone can win a lawsuit because he got injured when he broke into your house they can win this.

WOW. You. Are. An. Idiot. She has EVERY right to stand up for herself by calling the cops. She was VIOLATED. I would have done the same thing. I would have informed my manager of the situation and told him/her that I was calling the cops, even if they told me not to, although I don't know what kind of manager would object to something like that.

238- The kind of manager that wouldn't object to that? Maybe the kind of manager that wouldn't want his business swarming with cops that are frightening customers and and frustrating employees for something as simple as a non-violent misdemeanor.

If you are in that type of situation you are supposed to use your brain...not let your emotions control your actions, which is what happened in this case and all the hypothetical cases people here have provided.

Heliol 8

If she had been screaming, fighting and truly causing a disturbance I can see why she would be reprimanded by her manager, but it seems that she called the police and was fired for that. Is having police in your store because someone committed a crime a good reason for firing the employee that called them? No. The manager could have told the entire staff that next time the police should be contacted because of a crime being committed to let him know so he could make the call if it was not life threatening and that would be entirely reasonable. Firing the girl was too harsh of a move, even if she yelled at the man. If she got into a fight with him in front of customers for 20 minutes waiting for the police to come I could understand why she would get in trouble, especially in this economy where many employers find they can fire someone for every little thing they get upset about and have a replacement within a couple of days. The store may have a security guard in which case let them hold the man until the police come, but if she automatically called the police I highly doubt they had any type of security guard on duty. Also, she probably was scared that he might get away with those pictures in his cell phone before she could stop him, and I know I wouldn't want that to happen to me. If she got fired because she attempted to get the man to wait until the police got there and therefore got into an argument with him is it really grounds for termination? Does having a job really mean you should just stand there and let someone who has just violated you walk away with those photos illegally obtained? No. That is a hostile work environment if every time you go to work you know that if someone does something illegal to you you can't do anything about it because you're not off work.

Pixiex420xstix 1

Clearly, you are a doucheprick.

Lol. No Love. Stop. You don't know anything about business so stop talking about this topic like you do. Businesses have had some police roam their business at one point or another with customers there. does it make a customer leave? No. The customer doesn't know crap on what's going on regardless of how small or big the situation is. seriously, just post somewhere else because your making a ass out of yourself

shhortmomma 0

You're right. But in this case, she did specify that her previous employer fired her for "calling the police and making a big deal" and employers have a duty of care to their workers. To accuse her of making a big deal out of being sexually harassed by a customer is no worse than tolerating sexual harassment in the business. The asshole should get their business license revoked. OP can totally sue.

I am definitely saving this FML to my Favorites so that I can reread the debate in the comments section. X3

Hard to believe this many people can have their heads shoved so far up their asses... It's almost like they stopped reading my posts and just kept posting the same thing over and over again... I mean... it's a simple concept lol... She got fired; it was her fault... A 5 year old could understand that...

3LiveLAUGHlove 0

thats no good

3LiveLAUGHlove 0

that also depends who is it good for if she has panties on good for her if not then shes strange for going to work with no panties on and its a bonus for the customer

now go to your boss's office and beat the sh*t out of him/her...but before you do that plug out any connection to don't wanna make a big deal about it

What a dick FIND THAT PHONE FOR PROOF that DICK SHOULD BE SUIED your boss and the perv!!!

Bosses are allowed to look up female employees skirts, it's a law, look it up. If you don't want to be embarrassed, wear panties next time.

he was helping her model!!!

I wouldn't even wanna work there if I had a boss like that. FYL.

The costumer is a douche

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Somebody call me?

she already has been. and she called the police for it.

this would be so much funnier if OP was male.

xXanna_ 18

Really?? Honored?

your boss probably wanted the pics too.

thats an awfully rude thing to assume, ya know

wer u ya can give me a bj hahaha

31- you can go give yourself a Bj and leave whoever your comment was directed at alone. Creep.

go get him 37!! haha

Autofellatio! Nice, 37!

I'm guessing the joke was for amber because she loves JB and he was either making a joke of it or read it as BJ

RedPillSucks 31

Or it was directed at GiggidyPants. I mean, really. Who would want to get a Beiber, Justin any way?

u shouldn't judge people. u don't know them I assume

kingtz 6

Lawsuit for wrongful termination!!!

robc32ca 4

agree wrongful dismissal ... and cute puppy

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She would lose the lawsuit.

She'd lose a lawsuit for being fired as a result of reporting sexual harassment? How can you get on FML back there in the 50s?

ReynshineCutting 10

Nope. Sorry. This doesn't fall under the guidelines for wrongful termination. This is merely at will employment at it's best (or worst).

105- Too bad she didn't "report" sexual harassment, she called the fucking police. Probably pissed the manager/boss off.(understatement) No one was murdered, no one's life was in danger, and no one was destroying property. Not saying you shouldn't call the police if the category doesn't fit the above, but since it is not an emergency you should definitely confront your manager/boss before overreacting and calling the police. You deserved it.

haleykerr 0


I agree with Charlie sheen.

haleykerr 0

So she's supposed to let that creep go with pictures of under her skirt.. no. but it's pretty funny that you think that's not a big deal.

ckyorelse 18

unfortunately in Illinois employers can fire you for any reason they want, or no reason at all

thats what im thinking ^^^

PYLrulz 17

118 - You the kind of person that blames the victim and not the criminal?

118- You're an asshole. Seriously.

239 Please elaborate on your claim. I am anxious to hear more about your complaints about me.

Yes 194 I am blaming the victim, not the criminal, for losing her job. I don't quite see how it would be the criminal's fault.

y second the motion

effyoubitch 5

yes it is the criminals fault. you can't just go around taking pictures under peoples skirts. only sick asses do that and he should be in jail. no telling how many people he did that to it's disgusting.

DomoLaDii 8

u can sue them!!!!!

DomoLaDii 8

well she can file a sexual harrasment..... *spelling

well you are a hooker so why does it matter?

InnocentLies 0

Ew what the hell.

sexy_middle_east 0

lol ;)

People are ridiculous. I'd slap the smile off his face if he was taking pictures up my skirt.

enonymous 8

I look forward to your slap. I will pretend to be blind and use my cane to do the deal. So next blind person you see sock him real hard.

calm down buddy, it's what people call a joke.

SirEBC 7

Again, we have a prime example of a situation that could have been solved with a glock.

or resolved diplomatically with words

SirEBC 7

You're out of your damn mind.

Frelling 0

23, look up... that was the joke going over head.

nothings going to be resolved with a glock jamming

Ya, everybody knows ak47s never jam. You have to think ahead! That way you get an extra 25 years :)

grizzly260 0

Two in the chest, one to the head.

raven02 0


Shooting a person for that won't get you anywhere, but a lawsuit can get you money the boss fired and the pervert on the sex offenders list and possibly jail.

sirEBC you're always so negative! my guess is you must be going through a rough time, bless you

knee that guy in the face if he does that again =D

if the knee is upward toward the guys face then he wont need the camera cuz he'll have a good sleepy so if it doesnt make sense...fuck you

RedPillSucks 31

OTOH if she can pull that off, she's pretty damn flexible and can find a new job at the strip club down the street.