That's a mother

By Anonymous - 23/02/2020 20:00

Today, my mom and I got into a fight about a topic we agreed on. Seems like we're destined to never get along. FML
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Aphrodite 20

Gotta love family! Can’t live with them... can’t live without them.

It’s easy to get into a fight with someone who agrees with you if they have a stupid reason to get there.

smartjaguargurl 17

My mom and I used to have fights when we’d literally be saying the same thing but phrased differently...

I've had those fights. All the more infuriating when you realise that you're both saying the same thing, try to bring that to their attention & defuse the situation, and they refuse to accept that. Because you don't want to keep fighting but you also don't want to stop fighting because that would leave them feeling like they "won" the fight and that you're "wrong". In my experience, it happens mostly with people who have a compulsive need to always be right...

WistayShlaio82 13

Oh so you’re related to me then

WistayShlaio82 13

Oh so you’re related to me then