By ilook12 - 24/06/2015 03:23 - United States - Paris

Today, we had customer complaints of a child molester hanging around our restaurant. After confrontation by a manager, he wouldn't leave. I had to be walked to my car after my shift by more than one person because I look 12 and they were afraid for me. I'm almost 19. FML
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Call the police, that's what they get paid for. Remember to serve and protect.


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Your comment confuses me, 2. Nothing in the FML suggests that OP is careless.

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#1 - First be safe, then be sorry for being safe?

Yeah I don't think that having caring co-workers is a bad thing, especially by FML standards. I've had one of our security guards walk me to my car after dark and I'm glad I've never had to deal with staff that have made me feel like a burden for it

It's a saying, it means you rather be more safe than normal rather than not being safe and having something bad happen

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Everybody knows the saying, Op said then by accident though. Which is not nearly as big a deal as people are making it.

Call the police, that's what they get paid for. Remember to serve and protect.

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Yup I deal with this kinda stuff on a weekly basis. We can also criminally trespass him

Yea, considering that is a violation of a lot of things your employer is not trained to handle, police is always a safe bet to go with.

Don't worry, looking young would be great when you're older.

agreed. I don't see why anyone thumbed this down

that crossed my mind too along with at least OP has people that care, or this post was a humble brag. . .

Yes! Hell, I'm 20 and can't go anywhere alone because there's a serial killer in my area, but I'm thankful that I have body guards! She should be grateful that people are keeping her safe no matter what her age is.

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All aboard the comment train! No, seriously. Go back and reread the FML. How could OP possibly be fired over this?

At least you will look like 18 when you're like 30.

also agreed. why are people thumbing these down. it's a good thing to look young

I would rather look my age than look younger to be honest.

I look younger than my age and don't mind at all, just knowing when I'm older I'll look younger is good enough to deal with it now

That's how I feel now lol. I'm 22 and people always think I'm 18 or 16. It doesn't exactly make me feel good.

You could have been the bait if you guys needed proof!

The idea isn't that flawed, except that it's dangerous, and traumatizing if it accidentally went further than it was meant to, as 'bait'

Well atleast it shows they care (: Perhaps someone should ring the police though?

Why didn't anyone phone the Police if he refused to leave?

If there's not a "no loitering" sign, the cops can't do anything unless the manager refuses to serve the person.

You should be happy that they care for you enough to make sure you're safe. When I use to work late nights a guy or two would always go with the girls to walk to the parking lots.