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By  CharismaGeek  |  19

First, brush your teeth. Second, buy mouse traps, glue traps, and steel wool. Plant them in every open space you can find in the house, mostly the kitchen and just wait for a snap or a squeak.

  jenjen2633  |  17

Mouse traps are cruel though. How would you feel if you bent into the fridge to get food and the door suddenly snapped shut & broke your neck/back or whatever those snapping mouse traps do.


Buy snap mouse traps, but glue traps are honestly cruel. Better to have a trap that kills instantly rather than keeps the animal alive, hungry and unable to move.

I think you can also get humane traps for mice, OP, where you can catch them and take them somewhere to release them, if you'd rather go that route.

  Rababco  |  29

#28 As long as it kills the mouse or rat instantly and painlessly I wouldn't consider it cruel. I've read glue traps are pretty cruel and inhumane though. There are also traps that don't kill mice and rats and are more humane than glue traps so they can be released safely into the wild.