By goodmorning - 07/09/2014 13:45 - United States - Nashville

Today, I was eating a bowl of cereal and noticed something float to the top. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a mouse turd. I had already eaten half the bowl. FML
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What a great and nutritious way to start the day

amberv61 22

Technically I wouldn't feel anything because you know I would be dead


Nederlander95 14

That's a shitty situation

SystemofaBlink41 27

Who thumbed this up?? Who??

*slowly raises hand*

I wonder if/one the FML staff will play with this one like the first comments

Well, these are the types of comments that get posted when someone is under pressure and wants to be first to comment, haha.

Always one person -_-

What a great and nutritious way to start the day

Not worse than the time I opened the lid on my cappuccino to find a floating dead roach.

Dead insects/animal turds is for extra flavor lol

fearlesscooldude 12

No, its a shitty way to start the day.

lexi365 20

That protein though.

fearlesscooldude 12

#75 *sigh*

when did shit a source of protein?

daisylokes 16

i think she was joking lol #89

The mouse is out of the vag

Do you often keep mice in a vag?

^^If so, those mice have seen more action than I have

At least you get some extra protein...

Shit is waste... It's not going to contain protien and other good nutrients.

im surprised someone would actually think shit contains protien.

Daniel589 7

That mouse is a turd

There's always that one person...

mvc3ftw 17

Okay, we get it...

First, brush your teeth. Second, buy mouse traps, glue traps, and steel wool. Plant them in every open space you can find in the house, mostly the kitchen and just wait for a snap or a squeak.

Mouse traps are cruel though. How would you feel if you bent into the fridge to get food and the door suddenly snapped shut & broke your neck/back or whatever those snapping mouse traps do.

amberv61 22

Technically I wouldn't feel anything because you know I would be dead

Haha ohh 29, that was the best reply.

29, the king/queen of sass

That sass 29 XD

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Buy snap mouse traps, but glue traps are honestly cruel. Better to have a trap that kills instantly rather than keeps the animal alive, hungry and unable to move. I think you can also get humane traps for mice, OP, where you can catch them and take them somewhere to release them, if you'd rather go that route.

#28 As long as it kills the mouse or rat instantly and painlessly I wouldn't consider it cruel. I've read glue traps are pretty cruel and inhumane though. There are also traps that don't kill mice and rats and are more humane than glue traps so they can be released safely into the wild.

You found the suprise, although I prefer the card or racecar instead.

You made my week.

The real question is: Did you finish the bowl?!

OP literally said they ate half the bowl already. Would they continue to eat cereal with mouse feces or "fecereal"?

MichellinMan 20

^ it's hard to pronounce fecereal

No no no, they are just a new brand of cereal called fecereal, "now with real droppings"