By scared - 17/03/2015 21:35 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I finally went to the doctor's about my severe anxiety. I'm so used to putting on a happy performance around people that she didn't believe anything was wrong with me. FML
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If you told her something was wrong and she didn't believe you or even try to help I would suggest finding a different doctor.

It's hard to let down all your walls to a stranger. I suggest getting some counseling that will allow you to gradually ease into it where you can get some real help.


That sucks. Try another doctor, maybe? Hope it'll turn out ok for you, OP

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Or maybe try a psychologist who has trained to work with anxiety related issues rather than a general doctor who's not

In Australia a psychiatrist's or psychologist's appointments usually require an initial referral letter from your general practitioner, which allows for medical rebates later down the line too. OP may have been requesting a referral as a first step.

If you truly have anxiety issues, try counseling, and to learn to cope. if you still feel you need medicine, the counselor can recommend a psychiatrist who can give you the proper medicine and dosage.

Coping skills rarely develop overnight. Doctors usually prescribe an "emergency" anti anxiety drug for when anxiety is so bad you can't function along with counseling and maybe an antidepressant which has helped a lot of people who have suffered from anxiety. You're right in that one shouldn't be dependent on the anti anxiety medication, but going to counseling takes many sessions before helping, medications help right away

I never said or implied that it happens over night. I know first hand from personal experience that it doesn't happen over night, and neither does medicine. It all takes time.

But a doctor isn't someone who you should go to until after you are diagnosed. My doctor prescribed antidepressants but he's a family doctor and my whole intermediate family has depression. I wasn't diagnosed with later problems such as anxiety and social phobia until I went in and had a session with a therapist. They should definitely still find a new doctor, as regardless of how op seemed they should have been directed to a therapist or psychiatrist, but a doctor is someone who mostly deals with the body, not the mind

#21, I am not certain how it is in other countries but in Australia it is generally required by a psychiatrist/psychologist to have a letter of referral by your regular doctor before you will be seen. It assists with rebates to alleviate the costs as well.

If you told her something was wrong and she didn't believe you or even try to help I would suggest finding a different doctor.

It's hard to let down all your walls to a stranger. I suggest getting some counseling that will allow you to gradually ease into it where you can get some real help.

They see so many "seekers" that they try to distinguish real from fake. Unfortunately that means many times the true people that need help don't receive the necessary treatment. Good luck OP.

Most anxiety medicine (that I've tried, anyway) feels downright horrible. Most 'seekers' in mine and my co'workers experience actually claim chronic pain. Though the consequence is the same, and it really is a mess of a problem. :/

Not sure where you are, but I've worked in a few ER's and pain is the most seemed drug but benzo's are also abused quite a bit. "Seeker" is not labeled just for opiate abusers.

I can totally understand this, you keep up the act of being normal for so long then when you confess your problems, people question the truth. You'll find people that will understand. Just keep looking.

And then you can tell them "because I'm acting so happy and casual you don't see how bad I am" And they still don't

And also you may have actually overcome the hardest part of anxiety if your able to function around people. Pretty much self healed.

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Not true at all. Putting on a mask doesn't stop the explosions from happening on the inside. That is what is really destroying her body and mind

Yeah I can't disagree with this enough. You may "function" publically, but if you're not functioning privately or you're experiencing extreme distress then you have anxiety and need treatment. You're not healed.

True anxiety doesn't come and go when it's convenient. If you can function properly when you're around the public and then lose it when in privacy, there's more than anxiety. There's an underlying issue that's causing these feelings at those times. Wether it be loneliness, etc.... This is a bit more than daily anxiety. Now it's in the realm of a higher psych condition.

i think you need to know what youre talking about before you comment. just because op is able to talk to the doctor fine doesnt mean they dont really have anxiety....

Maybe you should know what you're talking about. I deal with anxiety issues on a daily basis with my profession. Unlike flipping burgers at the local grease pit in your case. As I wrote earlier, actually I don't need to repeat it, before commenting understand the whole paragraph then make a conclusion.

And the comment didn't say just when she spoke with the doctor. She's saying around people (public) wearing a "mask".

Your comment is confusing and self-conflicting. She's not "fine" around people, she's putting on a mask. I'm not sure you understand the concept, since it sounds like you've never had to do that yourself.

You're right. I don't act different ways around people. I act myself. If I did have a problem I would take care of it before it gets out of hand or waiting til the last minute to try to fix it instead of whining about life dealing me a shitty hand. Apparently masking the situation didn't work and she should've seemed medical attention before hand.

You seem to be the only one confused. Try reading ALL the comments prior, that would probably help with your confusion. Then comment something that makes sense. Nothing conflicting at all.

And one more thing just because I'm a point proving individual. Nothing was said about her being "fine". The word being used was function. Fine- ok; feeling on contentment; Function- (in this case) able to cover ones feelings or actions to get through

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When she thinks so, others will to, and maybe in the not so far future, you will too =)

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it's amazing how well some people can disguise their emotions

Clearly she isn't a very good doctor then. Try a different one.