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By  Chura  |  0

well that's no good. you can't get responses from the doll on how you're doing.. you need to go out there and practice~ ;) especially if she actually IS like #8 said.. . then do what #4 said.

By  f3ral  |  0

I used to be a 'two minute wonder'. My missus at the time pointed me to some tantric sites and I managed to get to about 6-8 with in a couple of days. That was a number of years ago and although I'm not Sting I can hold my own, no pun intended.

By  podrummer9209  |  0

#19, masturbating and holding it back for as long as possible helps, too.

#10, you are a tool. Sex is a fine art.

OP, to that I would reply 'Just like you, doesn't move and doesn't feel very good.' And then dump her. Publicly.