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Today, I decided to have cereal for breakfast. I poured the cereal in the bowl, added the milk and had a spoonful. Then I realized that my cereal was moving in the back of my mouth. FML
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What a healthy way to start your morning! yeah that sucks OP...


Or that Rice Krispies cereal is getting real with popping.


124: You forgot FML rule #35: never eat while reading FML. You'll regret it.

What a healthy way to start your morning! yeah that sucks OP...

That's one way to get some extra fiber in your diet.

#27 if you're going to try and correct someone you should try and spell it correct first and second bugs have fiber and protein Google it and it will tell you.

Fibre is the British/Canadian spelling of the word; its pointless that you tried shaming him by saying he spelled it wrong

#43 I wasn't trying to shame anyone I was only informing # 27 that bugs are both fiber and protein and I wasn't trying to be rude to #27 I just wasn't aware that fibre is British/Canadian for fiber, However I do apologize for not knowing that fibre is the British/Canadian word for fiber before i commented, I learned something new today thank you #43.

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#41 I don't mean to be rude but even if "fibre" was incorrect, I think you're the last person who should be correcting people on their grammar. Your "about me" was almost painful to read with all those mistakes. I'm an English teacher so anytime I see a mistake I have the urge to get my red marker and correct the shit out of it til it's crawling back to it's momma in TEARS MUTHAFUCKA. Okay I may have crossed the line on that last part but... no, no. I didn't cross it.

59. So you're a teacher? Hope that means you care enough to make sure your profile also is mistake free. Hmmmm Pot meet kettle. Lol

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59 - Just wanted to mention how ironic it is that you made grammatical mistakes in the comment in which you claim to be anal about correcting mistakes and claim to be an English teacher.

58: I would learn the right way to structure a sentence BEFORE you correct someone on their spelling. It might make you look like less of an ass.

#59 You're an English teacher and I'm an English major; only difference is I don't practice grammar where it doesn't matter or isn't professional otherwise. Plus, I find it a little strange that you had to check my profile, for whatever reason that may be. And your usage of some words in your comment are a bit off. Purposefully or not, I'm gonna have to invoke some hypocrisy here.

77: She wrote that as a reply to "Sweetascandy" (#41), not you.

An English teacher should know that "it's momma" is incorrect!

Us British know the difference between American spelling and our spelling. British tend to use a vast vocabulary in comparison to Americans. It's not surprising a Yankee didn't know the difference -.- I shudder to think what you do in "English" class.

#102. Cheap shot I felt her comments are validated. Although, how she proclaimed herself as an English teacher to a group who are fluent speakers of the language is partially arrogant. It was out of context and served nil purpose. I too, am an English teacher. At least she looks the part (photo two on her profile).

nonsensical 26

Hello everyone, I just thought I'd like to clear up some things before I go on my merry way to a spending lovely Sunday. 65: What mistake do I have on my profile? Is it the lack of capital letter at the beginning and period at the end of a single, very short sentence? please relax xD I was merely referring to the paragraph of I-don't-know-how-many-sentences without a single punctuation mark and grave spelling errors. This is FML, it's ok to have mistakes (I mean come on it's just a fun site), NOBODY CARES. But when hers was that bad and she felt obligated to correct such a simple mistake from someone else, it bothered me. 69: (i like your number) If you're referring to the sentence towards the end where I say "...til it's crawling back to it's momma in TEARS MUTHAFUCKA." obviously it was a joke, and I was trying to lighten the mood, going from serious to simply crazy. 105: I will clear up that I'm an ESL teacher living in Spain, I have no university studies RELATED TO ENGLISH, I've just been teaching to help me pay for uni and that's that. I am not superior to any of you other English majors/teachers out there. I only said I was an English teacher to explain why I would get out my red marker, otherwise that part might not have made sense. Now take those sticks out of your butts! ;D Also it seems like you may have taken a shot at my looks; thank you for saying I don't look like a teacher!

#58, follow your own instructions, search up fibre on Google. Hell, it comes up on my phone's keyboard as a prediction. And if you're going to correct people, at least have the decency to be correct yourself. Have you seen your About Me? I thought the other person was exaggerating, but it's REALLY bad. First line, "their is." That's a first grade mistake.

Yeah I'm not eating breakfast this morning now.

Nothing like good ol' FML in the morning to Ruin your appetite.

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Maybe you should close your cereal boxes better... FYL