By Ewwwwww - 04/02/2010 18:53 - United States

Today, I discovered that the rancid stench in my bathroom was a decaying carcass of a mouse in my toilet tank. FML
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jeterman67 0

looks like someone was playing a joke on u lol but thats just nasty

keysshooter1440 1

you think that is gross?!?!?! i had to remove the wall in my bathroom yesterday to get to the dead rats that are stinking up my house.

Shainax3 0

thtsss ittss grotesque!!!! ewwww #40

don't you ever poop pee?? or else I don't think It would be dead??

shade609 0

is that what we're calling it now? Be proud dude and say that you took an epic shit.

yourefreakindumb 0

I don't get it. Just take it out. Problem solved. Setiously, you're a ****** idiot. That doesn't **** your life at all.

Jrook 0

it's just gross, and it sounds like someone is trying to bioterrorize the family pet

hotscar 3

dude, how disgusting is that to find a soggy decaying carcas od any animal in your bathroom. this is a complete fml. besides it can just be something that just ruins your day

Puls3ofth3maggot 0

ewwww wtf man, yummy? how the hell is that yummy in any way?

@#61. it was a joke. ever heard of sarcasm?

you could make DELICIOUS soup outta that! Nomnomnom!!!!

Jrook 0

WTF is a sarcasm? either way I feel like nobody should use it

I would be grossed out and then laugh. Although, poor mouse. :(

raithex 0

I agree with #5. How does a rat get into the back part of a toilet.? That's really weird. :b But yeah. This is an FML. Fasho'.

Kylias 6

Poor mousy drowned in your icky water. D:

actualy the water in any toilet tank is clean fresh water, unless it's bore water or dam water.

How did the mouse get into the toilet tank anyway

today Mickey committed suicide after finding Minnie in bed with Donald.

Huh, go figure... I always pictured her cheating with Goofy.

She has cheated with Goofy, and every other animated character in DisneyLand.

"So mister mouse you want a divorce because your wife is demented" "No man, she's F***ing Goofy"

"Hello Mickey, what are you here for in the psychologist office?" "Well, I found my best friend and Minnie in bed." "What did you say?" "I said I wanted a divorce to Minnie, and I said to my best friend: DOWN PLUTO!"

o0XMzMayX0o 0

#9 lol too funny! OP- wow that's very disturbing. how could it posibly get there?

MinaIsTheBest 0