By Anonymous - 31/12/2013 07:52 - United States - Bend

Today, feeling too lazy to cook dinner, I bought a bagged salad from a low-end store. I dumped the contents into a bowl; the first thing that fell out was a dead mouse. Bon appetit. FML
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Justification to sue. Low end or not, that's unsanitary.

I was thinking of suing their wallets, that way I wouldnt get anymore shit from them.


Sue their asses!

I was thinking of suing their wallets, that way I wouldnt get anymore shit from them.


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I've heard all kinds of weird stuff coming out of bagged salads, including small frogs.

Justification to sue. Low end or not, that's unsanitary.

I'm assuming he didn't eat the mouse, so why not just go get his money back and perhaps tell the health inspector board so they can take further action. Suing would be a waste of his money.

68: As others have said, he/she could have eaten disease-infected food had they not noticed the rat. That's grounds enough to sue for me.

Sue for what? You people clearly dont understand how lawsuits work. You actually need to prove DAMAGES to sue somebody. Unless OP ate the mouse and got sick, there's really no lawsuit here.

90 - OP bought food that was contaminated. Solid grounds for suit.

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That's the understatement of the century.

This is definitely a worthy case.


Well that's not exactly the nicest way to get protein in your salads...

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Yummy. It's a garnish. Fancy

Usually they charge an extra $4 for the "Salad, side of Mouse".

Better the top than at the bottom of the bag? Competely disgusting either way.

No because technically speaking the rats fluids and such would be brought down by gravity and infect the whole salad

Technically speaking if it's at the top it falls out right away. Rather that eating the bag of salad and finding the mouse at the bottom.

But it said OP dumped it out, and if they hadn't been paying attention, they could have easily dumped the rest of the salad on top and eaten down to the mouse. I'd say it'd be better to be on the bottom in this case, so it tops off the salad.

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awful !

That's disgusting! Maybe if you sue, you could become so rich you wouldn't have to buy from low end stores anymore. Except for McDonalds. That unhealthy shit is good.

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What brand is that? I keep trying to find it, my snake is getting a bit chubby.

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I was thinking at first reading this, "I do the same thing!" Until the end ...and I was like oh god!

I'm usually not pro-litigation but I have two words for you. SUE. THEM.